GUYS! things you shouldn’t do when you want a girl

       Being a gentleman never goes out of style, in fact its the best thing that could happen to a guy after FIFA 14, that is. But what is a gentleman without a femme fatale? Sadly many guys of all brain sizes make some really bad decisions when it comes to talking to girls, especially the ones they really like. So I have a come up with this little piece to give you one less thing to worry about in life. You can thank me later
(1) Don’t stare or ogle at a girl uncontrollably.sure this girl is ‘the most beautiful goddess I’ve ever seen’, yes, she is more beautiful that the evening sunset, yet that does not give you the license to fix your retinas at her.she will not only find that creepy and uncomfortable but it gives off the impression that you are a desperado. Subtle glances are a lot more appealing.

 (2) Dont be double sided like a casette. In other words, don’t lie to impress a girl. Sure we see movies where a girl gets impressed with all the trouble the guy had to go through for her but then again that’s why its a movie.Be real to yourself and eveyone around you.If you lie that  you have a Bugatti, trust me she might definitely want a cruise in that buggati soon.

 (3) Keep ur language simple and PG-13.So I have  this friend who thinks he could impress girls with a wide vocabulary of swear words and guess what, suprisingly girls run away from him. Using swear words is never cool especially when you are with a girl. It tends to give them this feeling that you are aggressive and that’s a step backward. A solution to this could be expanding your vocabulary.

(4) Hygiene: *sighs*… O my, a lot of guys are culprits on this one. There is nothing more repulsive to a girl than a guy with body or mouth odour. Infact this single flaw could liquidate all ur efforts and strain ur relationship wit the opposite sex. Do whatever you have to do to stay clean. I think this is pretty clear enough

 (5) Your style of dressin matters a lot… Being a gentleman doesn’t actually equate dressing in a suit or tie but it is very neccesary not to dress out of line… I know many guys have their unique sense of style but sagging is NEVER cool… It is actually repulsive to most girls. Sadly, most guys ignore this and they end up pulling a ‘Lil wayne’ in d worst place possible: a class of Law students

(6) Gurls love scholars-smart, intelligent people with a purpose in life. However, if you want to impress a girl NEVER try to act smarter than you actually are. You might (most definitely will) end up making a fool out of yourself. For example, stop asking all too obvious questions in class, there better and more effective ways to do dat. Try gettin straight A’s in your next exam instead. This ‘I-too-Know’ syndrome will only put you in the lecturer’s bad books, and will probably portray you as someone who cannot reason out things with his brain.

 (7) Exercise patience: I might sound like a Pastor here, but patience is really neccesary.You meet this girl on Facebook, and you’ve had sleepless nights because of her. Big deal.Do not rush things when dealing with her. Patience is a virtue here. Keep the conversation simple and things will fall naturally into place. NEVER, I repeat NEVER send amorous messages to a girl you just met on Facebook or Twitter, not only will she ignore you, she’ld tell her friends and probably everyone else too. So don’t be too surprised to see a picture of your message trending as a big joke on Twitter.

 (8) Say the right thing at the right time: You finally got a girl to go to dinner with you on a first date. You are so excited and you don’t wanna mess things up by saying the wrong things. Lemme give you a hint. You could talk about everything in the world but don’t talk about her body. Leave her big tummy alone,ignore her giant mole (or beauty mark as she might want to call it), and keep things simple.Girls love flattery but even that has a limit.Don’t ask too many questions at a time,its a first date not an interview session.

 (9) Bbm-blackberry this side of the world,bbm is more used than dictionaries (I stand to be corrected). Socially,it is a very useful gadget in meeting up. If you re chatting with a girl and eventually u ask for her contact, she would probably decline the first time (if she has worth). As a guy don’t panic. Infact the little trick here is to quickly act like nothing ever’s a quick re-enactment:
      Boy:can u give me your numba so I could give you a call sometime.
      Girl: I am sorry, but I don’t give my number to strangers.
STOP!!! Don’t do this:
      Boy: I am not a stranger,I could be the number one guy in your life if you jst give me the chance. (OR) Do I wanna eat ur number. Why can’t you just trust me.
Rather just act in line:      
      Boy: ok dats true though, anyway what have u been up to lately.
Don’t ask her for number again and I bet you she would bring back the topic herself

(10) This next one is a bit raunchy but trusts me it happens to a lot of guys. You see this hot girl and you just can’t resist approaching her, but alas there’s a problem. You have a boner!. Keep your dirty mind in check. A responsible girl who notices that will be automatically turned off and your chances blown away.

 (11) Every girl loves a funny guy; “that guy that makes me smile”, “that boy who makes my day” etc. However,you should always know the limit as a guy. if a girl tells you are funny, enjoy that feeling. If she tells you are a clown, that’s badnews. You might just end up in the friendzone as her personal jester.Don’t try forcing your jokes on her if she doesn’t understand, just let it go. And also important, don’t tell dirty jokes, sure it worked for the family guy, but this is reality. It could easily sell you off as a pervert and am sure you dont wanna give off that kind of impression.
I could go on and on about what you should and should not do but I think this would suffice. If a girl rejects you it doesn’t neccesarily mean you did something wrong though you just have to examine yourself.  Ultimately being male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age. But being a Gentleman is a matter of choice.

Gems from a gentleman.


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