About Us

The Legal Watchmen which sprouted as a little magnetic
field searching for an outlet to express the priceless
writing talents of its’ contributors has today grown to
become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to
writing educative and entertaining articles. The group
today, comprises a group of innovative writers all gifted
with the abilities to create worlds in their minds and
transport their readers to places they have only dreamt
of. With their gifted hands, they are also able to dissect
societal issues and give objective opinions.
The Legal Watchmen is a group blog operated by student
writers, who are all Law students of the University of
Benin but it is not a blog for lawyers or legal issues only
as any and all members of the society will find posts that
will quench their thirst for information and written

Email: legalwatchmen@gmail.com
Twitter: @LegalWatchmen
Facebook: Legal Watchmen


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