Collins ARIKOR

A talented writer. Collins writes brilliantly and beautifully. IMG_4371

He writes with such fluid combination and ability to make didactic lessons out of current societal issues. He merges essay writing into one formidable and wholly credible style. He writes with such deep understanding of Nigeria’s political process. His writings have appeared on such online media to wit:, standtoendrape initiative, legalnaijablog and many more are being considered for publication. A native of Akaeze. An analytical and down-to-earth writer with a keen sense of excellence in writing. An astute researcher, scholar and lawyer extraordinaire.



Prince Nonso ANYASI

A modern day combination of Samuel Becketts and Eugene Ionesko. OluwanonIMG-20160520-WA0006so (as he prefers being called) has shown that indeed, wits is an inborn thing. Till date, he remains the only one able to hilariously and meticulously put forward the popular Nigerian legend “Why India doesn’t play in the World Cup” in a smart and funny way which has gone viral on the internet and social media. He is amusingly clever, entertaining and deliciously readable. A staunch member of the #StandtoEndRape initiative. Oluwanonso writes for Fake Naija News ( A mobilizer, organiser, and PR consultant. Oluwanonso hails from the Anioma region of Delta State.  As a founding member of the Legal Watchmen, he has successfully put together a group of earnest writers that have become a force to be reckoned with in UNIBEN. He writes with a smooth blend of satire and humour.

He tweets with the handle @oluwanonso_Esq


Avst. Davidson OBABUEKI

A natural born writer. Davidson’s writings are strong, compelling and engrossing. His courageous determination, forceful nature, and resoluteness IMG_4446perhaps cannot be matched by any. He has become adept and skilful at weaving words and phrases capable of making readers scramble for their dictionaries, though his works are smoothly written and tightly packed to give a palatable reading. A native of Edo State. Davidson is one whose grammatical feats can be said to have surpassed that of Patrick Obaghiagbon. A man of honour, and one of the founding members of the Legal Watchmen. Davidson is such a rare individual who would never stake his integrity for any price.


 Nkechukwu OTIKE-ODIBI

Nky, as she is fondly called, is a not-too-distant literary descendant of Buchi Emecheta. Nky is a writer with a smooth blend of feminism and modernism. Her innate leadership nature has earned her the nomenclature “First Lady of the Legal Watchmen.” Her acute understanding of female issues as well as her detailed and emotional portrayal of same is one which places her as a tender version of Chimamanda Adichie. She writes with such scintillating enchantment capable of keeping readers hooked till the end.  A family fan, traveller, and story-teller. Her unique style has earned her many praises. She is undeniably a first-class writer. She makes reading pleasurable and fun. A native of Delta State. Nky is engaged in many righteous Environmental and Societal Non-Governmental Organisations.

Email address:





Tami can be best described as a word expressionist. Each carefully selected word in his writings have their own distinctive story to tell. Tami, through his writings creates a world so true that you would have no option than to fall in. Tami’s articles are intentionally written to enchant. Each new reading reveals the lucid and simple uniqueness and skilfulness of his unique works. Tami hails from Bayelsa State, and tweets with the handle @Tami_koroye.




Palmer writes with the most honest and moving of pens. His engaging articles are well-groomed for the youths in mind, and his power of expression is simple, straight and easy to read. Palmer’s articles are practical and invaluable guides to living a sound life. He tweets with the handle @essay_palmer


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