I remember Usman even today. His memory lingers like a pale veil hovering in my subconscious. Sometimes I even seem to hear his voice ululating in my mind. The throaty clatter of his words used to make me laugh. I remember when I first met him. He had been quarreling with mama Useni, over the … Continue reading FULANI BOY 



She just stood there, naked as a happy-go-lucky deer in the jolly old forest. Naked skin glowed in the dim illumination of the white florescence bulb hanging right above them. He watched as she provocatively kicked her last stitch of clothing- her skirt- which had cascaded into a fabric mold below her, off from her … Continue reading DESPERATE OFFICE WIFE Part II


Ugo slowly paced the length of the room. It was quite small, a bit like a perch. Since the bulk of the building was upstairs, he did not have to walk too much to complete a stretch across the room. Rubbing his mouth tiredly, he motioned to the lady sitting in front of him, who … Continue reading DESPERATE OFFICE WIFE Part 1


I know them, I do Eyes red as a thousand comets Like they are bitten by the bite of a million hornets But they are eyes red with tears. I know them Mouths ululating in lamentation In such refined words It’s the national anthem they purge. I know them Corrupt souls and heavy hands Squatting … Continue reading AFRICANAH

#PoetryCorner-The Beauty of the Negroid

Every Tuesday we shall have Poetry Corner composed of fine selected poems by our Blog authors and other distinguished readers who so wish their poems to be published. Today's poem was written by VINCENT OKONKWO, who is a debutante of the Legal Watchmen. Okonkwo has written several poems in the past which he puts up … Continue reading #PoetryCorner-The Beauty of the Negroid