you entice yourself with nectar from your own breasts and fill your mind with the magic of delusion You caress your waist to sweetly impress and only by vain dilections Adanna!   You eat thoughts of your effulgence You brand cowries on your wobbly head Notes of self-acclaimed beauty two penny worth you lull … Continue reading ADANNA



For seven years, she dominated the Nigerian Blogosphere, feeding the bulk of the Nigerian savvy-tech society with instant updates from celebrities around the world and latest gist and happenstances around the country. She appraised us with the petty squabbles celebrities involved themselves with. She was the first to inform us of what that particular hotshot … Continue reading LIB DYNASTY: END OF AN ERA?

The Power of the Spoken Word.

In this perverse world, where immorality reigns absolute, especially among the youths, it is certainly rare to see a young individual eke out a little time for God, from his/her abundant time and opportunity on earth. Even after the Holy scriptures admonished youths to seek God when they are full of life (ie young), it … Continue reading The Power of the Spoken Word.