you entice yourself with nectar from your own breasts and fill your mind with the magic of delusion You caress your waist to sweetly impress and only by vain dilections Adanna!   You eat thoughts of your effulgence You brand cowries on your wobbly head Notes of self-acclaimed beauty two penny worth you lull … Continue reading ADANNA



  No, I am not anorexic, Thank you very much. Yes, I am thin. No, don't tell me to eat more.   Society says "Real men love curves... " I don't give a hoot what society says. My body was not made For real men to love. Real men are not that Section of the … Continue reading SKINNY SHAMING: SIZE ZERO IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS.


I know them, I do Eyes red as a thousand comets Like they are bitten by the bite of a million hornets But they are eyes red with tears. I know them Mouths ululating in lamentation In such refined words It’s the national anthem they purge. I know them Corrupt souls and heavy hands Squatting … Continue reading AFRICANAH

#PoetryCorner- HOLD ON

Hope is never too faraway From need, nor was so bereft of gain Faith, makes it just two miles or less With the goal yet a thousand miles from caress And stay right on that rope…hang on With defiance coursing through your every vein Like the sweet sweep of the blue eyed ocean And have … Continue reading #PoetryCorner- HOLD ON

#PoetryCorner- On a Platter of Gold

On a golden platter baked with the fire Of their own unwavering ignorance Our ancestors had their heads served And were buried in graves of folly On similar platters now heavily beautified So glorified by the Midas of modernization Our heads too are to be served And our graves are paved with aesthetic tiles See … Continue reading #PoetryCorner- On a Platter of Gold

#PoetryCorner-The Beauty of the Negroid

Every Tuesday we shall have Poetry Corner composed of fine selected poems by our Blog authors and other distinguished readers who so wish their poems to be published. Today's poem was written by VINCENT OKONKWO, who is a debutante of the Legal Watchmen. Okonkwo has written several poems in the past which he puts up … Continue reading #PoetryCorner-The Beauty of the Negroid


For seven years, she dominated the Nigerian Blogosphere, feeding the bulk of the Nigerian savvy-tech society with instant updates from celebrities around the world and latest gist and happenstances around the country. She appraised us with the petty squabbles celebrities involved themselves with. She was the first to inform us of what that particular hotshot … Continue reading LIB DYNASTY: END OF AN ERA?

The Power of the Spoken Word.

In this perverse world, where immorality reigns absolute, especially among the youths, it is certainly rare to see a young individual eke out a little time for God, from his/her abundant time and opportunity on earth. Even after the Holy scriptures admonished youths to seek God when they are full of life (ie young), it … Continue reading The Power of the Spoken Word.


Women have a history of relegating themselves to the side-lines, And being content with nothing more than an observatory role. Since the creation of Adam in the Bible, Women seem to occupy the second position to man. They seem to hardly take the initiative, refuse to break bounds...