She just stood there, naked as a happy-go-lucky deer in the jolly old forest. Naked skin glowed in the dim illumination of the white florescence bulb hanging right above them. He watched as she provocatively kicked her last stitch of clothing- her skirt- which had cascaded into a fabric mold below her, off from her … Continue reading DESPERATE OFFICE WIFE Part II



Ugo slowly paced the length of the room. It was quite small, a bit like a perch. Since the bulk of the building was upstairs, he did not have to walk too much to complete a stretch across the room. Rubbing his mouth tiredly, he motioned to the lady sitting in front of him, who … Continue reading DESPERATE OFFICE WIFE Part 1


“So you really can’t even look away from your phone for two minutes to watch what’s going on in your Country, ehh Sylvia?” Sylvia’s mother asked, gesturing to snatch the phone from her daughter. She had come into town for a few days and as with most mothers and daughters, they had been butting heads … Continue reading STORIES I’LL TELL MY KIDS II


Good evening people, We're introducing a new segment to the blog with hilarious stories of everyday happenings. Enjoy! “Ahah Sylvia! You’re shining oh.” Nkechi cooed as she took in all the ‘bling bling’ her friend was covered in. “My sister. Na God oh.” Sylvia replied, in the usual Nigerian way. “Mbanu Sylvia. You’ve known God … Continue reading STORIES I’LL TELL MY KIDS I

Love Scorned Part 4

“CROOKED heaven bar” the signboard blinking like Christmas lights reads above my head and I almost chuckle to myself but for a couple of big black guys dishing out grim looks. I immediately swallow my laugh and step into the bar: a world of soft music, indistinct quietness and dim lights pouring from moody chandeliers. … Continue reading Love Scorned Part 4

Love Scorned Part 3

The sun sets late in Orient city like a visitor overstaying his welcome but it does not stop streetlights from blinking above countless heads, hanging loose in the distance like tiny candlelight glows held by threads amidst a flock of crawling headlights that make pools of mirage on the tarmac. Unlike the tiny twinkles of … Continue reading Love Scorned Part 3

Love Scorned Part 2

To read the First Part of this story, click  here. There is something refreshing about anger, especially if you’ve been starved of it for so long. I’m walking across the busy streets of Orient city, Sheoul provincial capital; my hands tuck deep in the pockets of my leather jacket, humming a tone to myself. I’m … Continue reading Love Scorned Part 2

LOVE SCORNED (A short story)

“You’re a liar!” she bellows from across the room, her eyes the smolder of red coals, and glassy too, intensifying the glow therein. “Ema please list_“ “Do not Ema me Nelson, do not!” she screams. “Can you let me explain?” My voice slips out, calmer, surprising me. It is sounding less dejected than it should … Continue reading LOVE SCORNED (A short story)


Foreword.       This is the last episode of the series Driving With Crazy. It’s been an honor taking this journey with Aisha and Alex and everyone who has taken out time to read any of the episodes. It means a lot. I hope we’ll reunite in the next post or story. Now to the good stuff…. … Continue reading DRIVING WITH CRAZY- The Finale.


                              HEAVEN TO THE RESCUE.                                              *For previous episodes, go here                I drove in the company of the GPS. She, as Alex … Continue reading DRIVING WITH CRAZY Episode 7