Ours is a land blessed with an abundance of resources and talents. We have everything we need for our daily survival in this country at our disposal. Our rich history and present events suggest that Nigeria will realise the extent of her potentials only when her borders are shut tight. To ascertain the validity of this assumption, let us take a walk down the path of vivid imagination.

Let us just imagine the possibility that for five calendar years, every person with Nigerian citizenship is confined to living within the territorial border of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. All our students in foreign universities are re-enrolled in federal and state universities at home, those studying in foreign high schools and colleges are transferred to our Grammar Schools and Comprehensive Colleges back home, British and American Curriculum operating schools in Nigeria are switched to operate the Nigerian curriculum and foreign teachers and expatriates are deported to their countries of birth.

Let us imagine that our doctors of Nigerian birth and parentage are transferred back home to head our University Teaching Hospitals, our soldiers and policemen undergoing peace-keeping missions in foreign countries are re-deployed to keep the peace in the Niger-Delta region and the Boko Haram zones. Let us explore the possibility that our economic gurus and superstars who are providing salivating policies to foreign firms and international bodies are recalled and enrolled in our Federal Ministry of Finance and that of the 36 states, and are also absorbed into the economic management teams of all levels of government. Our engineers and researchers who are making ground breaking discoveries in the world of science and technology are transferred to our research centres and industries to continue their productive exploits within the country.

Let us imagine, that all those who travel abroad to seek medical attention are immediately transferred back to our national hospitals as soon as it is practicable. That all babies who were born in foreign hospitals to Nigerian parents within the past twenty years have their foreign nationalities revoked and substituted with Aje Pako Nigerian nationality.

Let us not forget those disgracing the country by serving jail terms in prisons abroad and transfer them to our maximum detention centres in Nigeria. Criminals serving jail terms in foreign prisons are brought to occupy our local jails like Kirikiri Maximum prison and Kuje Prisons. Foreigners languishing in our dilapidated prisons are exported to take their places in foreign prisons.

Let us imagine that for five years, Nigeria actually belongs to Nigerians, for Nigerians, and to be occupied exclusively by Nigerians. Let us imagine that the passports of our leaders and their close relatives are seized and confiscated upon their ascension into office. Important international conferences and world meetings shall be held through the use of video calling at the behest of our Nigerian leaders. Only our ambassadors shall be permitted to travel out to do what they were originally appointed to do.

Only when Nigeria is reserved exclusively for Nigerians and Nigerians are restricted to Nigeria shall we begin to explore our true potentials. The elite of the Nigerian society are investing heavily in foreign infrastructure by schooling their children abroad, treating every minor health challenge abroad, and contributing to the economic development of foreign nations by accepting job offers abroad at the detriment of our domestic development.

Our universities and schools shall continue to remain international laughing stock until we begin to see that we really have no alternatives than to send our children to Nigerian schools. For as long as children of governors, ministers, legislators, judges, presidents and vice-presidents are allowed and encouraged to study abroad, their parents would not realise that they have a fundamental moral and legal duty to ensure the development of our educational system here at home. As long as brilliant doctors are allowed to travel abroad to ply their trade, and their stock of wealthy customers from the Nigerian elite are steadily maintained, our health policy makers would continue to remain blind to the fact that even the poor have a right to qualitative medical attention. So long as our technological gurus are allowed to work for foreign research firms and foreign companies, Made-In-Aba products shall continue to be sub-standard. When our celebrities and the wives of our national leaders are allowed to flaunt foreign made jewelleries and clothing accessories on social media, our local adire, tie-dye, akwa-ocha, bead, and other local clothing accessory shall remain a favourite of a forgotten generation.

Let us imagine that all our intellectual and labour resources are confined within Nigeria, and let us see whether Nigeria will not become a giant industrial nation within the space of five years. A man who marries an excellent cook will have no hunger to eat outside his home.

 Ramblings of a Patriot.



  1. Only few Nigerians think and imagine that way. The big ask is, do the Nigerian leaders imagine or think that its past the time our borders be shut to enhance local or made in Nigeria wares?

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  2. I think a feasible solution would be to replace all those in power with a fresh, motivated, and talented youth. Those who are subservient to the cries of help from our people suffering. Until then will Nigeria prosper.

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