you entice yourself with nectar from

your own breasts

and fill your mind with the magic of


You caress your waist to sweetly impress

and only by vain dilections



You eat thoughts of your effulgence

You brand cowries on your wobbly head

Notes of self-acclaimed beauty

two penny worth

you lull your mind with it


you sway and swash weak hips

with such hypnotic finesse

and your gestures of seduction

are only for your satisfaction!


you look in the stream and say

‘my hair is full, my breasts are firm

my eyes are the glitter of coral beads



but say sweet Adanna

what will become of you

when vultures pluck your cascading hair

and imps prank off coral eyes


what when upon the wake

you find your breasts flatten straight

like the surface of a calabash

and your glittery skin frays away


what would become of Adanna

when seductive steps become


and the crooked impostor

boasts from the mirror’s frame


what when you lose oh Adanna

your siren’s allure

and night owls sing songs

of beauty’s imperfection.


Vincent Okonkwo (Der_Vinci)


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