Edolites will troop out in less than few days, precisely September 28th, 2016 to vote. I mean to cast their ballots for the candidate of their choice.

After much toss and game play of the electorates by those officials responsible, it is expected that something good comes out of Israel on
said day.


It is very most unascertainable as it is usual during elections to say
people are in to vote their conscience. For sure, some will vote in
their conscience, some out of conscience and even perchance will some vote against conscience.

I would have gone the whole hog name
checking, making distinctions between party A, B and even down to the last
party and as far would I have gone to say it seems to be between A and
B, but that may have been done by some other persons in a fashion
begetting of listlessness of politics that will only drum up ideas worth calling pettifogs.

The significance of the upcoming Edo State Governorship election is
what I will narrowly describe as two pronged. It is such because at the instance of one breaking, it automatically destroys the value of
the other. Conversely, its tenacity is of complementary value that if one succeeds by necessary implication will make subsequent ones succeed.

With over a little greater than 85 percent of eligible voters in Edo State will decide the fate of some persons, yes they will decide their fate. And all these while the government have been speaking, it will be the time for and of the people to speak.

For the mere fact that one has campaigned more and even better than
their opponents, that you have all your posters littered the state,
you made the most tele and radio jingles, you made all the noise, even
down to out performing your opponents at the debate, and though they say one has elements traceable to the linings
of God, is no sure guarantee that one has landed. It is pertinent for
politicians who have vowed to win come hell or high water to know that
blowing off another’s candle will not in any way make yours shine brighter. It
will only shine to the extent to which the people says it to be.

Edolites will just have to embrace the Murphy’s principle and make
same the peoples principle that what will be would have been done by the difference in votes.

To the initial categorization, those who will vote in their conscience
are those who have come to terms with the modes and manner to which
government is run, the usual evaluation at the end of service note.
These set of persons have a good grasp of politics and as well have
the spirit of nationalism that no matter how malleable politicians may be always often vote in their conscience.

Those who vote out of conscience do so out of pity. These set of persons see voting not only as a right, but a method used to determine which politician is most able to brainwash them. To win them, cooking them some savoury that will please them is all they need. They can stay in their house up till the last minute before they make up their
minds. They are usually very shaky and in the end of the day be the
first to blame the government upon a below or bog standard performance. They really need take heed before the Edo State elections lest they become stew in their juice.

Those who vote against their conscience are probably the worst set of voters. I personally advocate that they be disrobed or stopped being
described or addressed as voters rather facilitators. Persons who fall
within this category go the extent to displease their conscience. Even
when made tools of thuggery or goonery, they really do not give a
whit, all that matters is that their pockets be lined with money. They
can also go the length to sell their voters card even for a thousand Naira.

There are other categories as well. They may include those ones that are neither hot nor cold. They believe that if you do not vote, you get the government you deserve and if you do, you get the results you expected. Such mentality is not healthy for our democracy.

If you say the truth you die, if you tell a lie, the same death still betide as well. Why don’t you just tell the truth
favourably and clear your conscience knowing fully well same have been
justified? Why don’t you just do something than do nothing?

Of utter certainty is the fact that the elections will come and go and
who ever wins must have won by a true
reflection of the peoples votes.
Let it be said that the people really spoke and peradventure it goes
that way, it will have satisfactorily fulfilled the value of the first prong and an extension of a complimentary hand to the second will not be a hard thought by the agencies concerned.

Having properly considered the first, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has a lot of work to do in ensuring the Edo State election is a success. And will only stand the test of time and consolidate on the trust of Nigerians if there is any, by the
success or failure of the elections.

As a matter of fact, the Yakubu led INEC administration has had series
of inconclusives. With two more gubernatorial elections to go before
the close of the year 2016, they will have to consider a lot if not
now, at least for the future of our democracy and their administration.

It is one thing for voters to cast their ballot, it is another to do
same under an environment seemingly serene. The serenity of an
environment is not just in the strategic placement of security personnels, but also, the early arrival of electoral materials, participation by a vast majority of eligible voters. And a seen to be done willingness of INEC to see to a fruitful completion of the elections.

That will indeed define the finest perfecting relations between the
two prongs. The synergy between the road and the wheels.

The Edo State election will be used as litmus test to determine the
November 26th Ondo State Gubernatorial election. Both the former and the latter will ultimately be used to determine the future and subsequent elections, be it at the local government level, state or even the federal level will the people judge this present INEC
administration as having done well or marred itself as to be unable to
step into the breech of Jega’s shoes.

A clarion call to Edolites is that they vote their conscience and it is expected that INEC does their part.

For my readers, especially you that have taken the time to digest this
work and not just mere skimming. If you learnt something, I believe it
should be one of positivity. On the other hand, if you claim to have learnt nothing, it is still to be said to be
something, something in your subconscious yet to be of your self
conscious of it.




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