I would not have expected and even thought to experience a point in time like this in my dear loving country, Nigeria.
I remembered when I was told stories by my dad about my country that she indeed suffered (of course no country would thrive if she never at any point experienced scourge), and even those ones I read on tabloids, down to my history and government text books about the woes of Nigeria, no I meant to say the woes Nigerian politicians have encumbered us with that her present state is no small runt in the stables of her historical experience.
The very stark realities starring us at the face even at present is much of the stinging economic gnats that has further occasioned sores unbearable; even sores biting deep the linings of our stomach. It is unfortunately such that way!

You may call it by whatever name- recession, repression, depression,
suppression and maybe the bite persist, it may pass off for economic aggression where me and you can embark on an aggressive protest in
support of our stomach; the belly protest.
At the least, it will be a very good time and ride for we the common Nigerians to exercise a protestation of our stomach right whilst it last for such an opportunity may not be given us, after all when there is economic accretion the politicians continue in their own
infrastructural ‘protect’ of the stomach; stomach infrastructure. So, why don’t we seize the opportunity!
The much talked about Nigerian politicians whose ideology is hinged on
party line politics; whose party a medley of destinies seeming fateless given much by Nigerians, but least churned out in return. It is such of a sort that readily trot out accounts in failure. They really do not care given so much in hand lavish all in profuse squalor. As George Bernand Shaw puts it; “They know nothing; but think
they know everything…”.

They least get accolades justifiably from bodies recognized internationally rather get for themselves accolades of cheap virtues. Of course, their standings cannot be measured and fit into those of reputable business character and stand tall amongst world’s richest.
They give back to Nigerians and even the world what was never given them in folds miserably paltry. They are always overly grateful to Nigerians for electing them in and extend such gratitude furtively after office with performance preponderantly below expectations. They trump-up promises like our exchange rates that goes up and in time never comes back to its original state certified fulfilled. Like hegemons apostate the least needful is most superior to the much expected by the people.

The irony of giving more and expecting less is really an unfortunate fate, one that doubled its effects in the recent Nigerian Olympic Team. Their controversial display at the Rio Games, 2016 was readily incontrovertible as it is of least expectation of a Nigerian
politician so the team performed for a  bronze medal the least, ending in an indescribable position on the medals table.
It is quite not unrelated to the fact that a person who unfortunately becomes the son of a gun will one day shoot the gun in whatever direction that pleases. They rarely are not to be blamed for shooting the gun in a direction our politicians have charted. I still ponder on this irony, the irony of pumping Naira notes into the economy and making economic pep talks on possible reflation of it. It is that they remain as old wives tales that have been long told us from the days of yore.

It becomes astounding an act necessitated by an employ of little resources whose utility is much more than expected production such as
our dear Nigerian paralympians who arrived the country like few days ago given the needed reception in grand style.
The fortunate paralympians who are not even as able bodied as some of
the ‘Agbada’ ridden politicians at the Aso Rock Villa emerged best team in Africa with 12 medals. They where not given the much needed attention the way politicians give themselves publicity stunts.
They put everything aside in spite of the harsh realities. Nigerians never expected much they were not given much, yet they delivered more. They indeed had a difficult-to-get foresight that nothing ever comes to one that is worth having except as a result of hard work.
The stunning economic realities has probably not dawned on the Presidency that Nigerians are regretting ever giving much to whom much is little. It is better not to have made expensive promises than make such promises that now seeks cheap little solutions. Much was given to you
Mr. President and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.




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