Her clothes were torn; what did she do to deserve this cruelty? She was gang raped by six men in a bus; her boyfriend was understandably absent as a rod was used to force him to snore. All her struggle was in vain, her bites could not stop these supposed men, her tears and screams could not switch the intention of these vagina hungry beasts – she was not going to wipe her face because it was no nightmare, she was faced with reality that night, she was a victim of rape. If she had known, she would not have seen that movie with her boyfriend. It is wished that she avoided the 11 o’clock bus as it was ungodly an hour. All strikes on her face, from bare hands to rusted rods, saw her in the pool of her own blood. Screaming was no longer an option as she had no strength anymore; she was probably waiting for it to end or was stuck in another world, her legs could not even be felt. A rod which was L-shaped was inserted into her sheath – a continued process brutishly done by these sociopaths till parts of her small intestine escorted the rusted L-shaped rod upon its withdrawal. She was thrown out of the moving bus, and so was her boyfriend. She could not survive the despoilment and savagery as she died in the hospital after a few days. This happened in India, it happens all the time there. This is the 2012 Delhi Gang rape case which brought about the review of the Indian Penal Code to including more features to the penile penetration. Taken care of? No, there is a bigger picture to it.

No country is free from this awful act. The gravity of the sin of rape is highly undermined or underestimated probably because the victims have remained quiet. Millions and millions of women all over the globe are suffering from the stigma of defilement, they weep inwardly to avoid further degradation from the society or worse, to avoid blame. The tears rolling down the cheeks of these women are clearly due to the small talk RAPE but unlike murder cases, the victims of rape live with these sore thoughts all their lives. Everyone blames that young girl on the street for wearing scanty garments; they blame her for going to night clubs, and even blame her for being a prostitute. She is mirrored as a scapegoat to many decent and religious homes, and her unfortunate encounter with the rapists is deemed a worthy comeuppance from the gods, or the wages of indecent dressing. Disturbing is the fact that nobody is interested in seeing the other side of the coin which is: is it a natural design of things for men to become beastly at the sight of a jumpy skirt or eye itching crop top? It seems like these men are doing these grave acts to deter other ladies from following suit; but even with its supposed good intentions, it is all sick. The law has a punishment for indecent dressing, it even does not provide for self help or any form of assistance from these savages – as brute force to compelling change in dress code stains law and order. A fact be stressed, a plenitude of females have been defiled by these hungry dogs even when on decent outfits similar to the Jehovah Witness’s. The law of India will now be reflected to see how it is reducing the rape issue.
Statistics of 1991 showed that 1.6 of 100,000 persons are living proof of rape. Self deceit would be evinced when a man says that rape is no big deal after all cos if we leave the scope of reported cases of this disease, to the wowing unreported cases of rape, then the statistics would show an every second rape case in India. The law of India on this matter is traced to s.375 of the Indian Penal Code which defined the offence of rape as an unlawful intercourse done by a man with a woman without her valid consent. Its definition includes the getting of consent by fraudulent means or by misrepresentation – this is still rightly and legally taken as rape in the most succinct form. Prior to the clocking of 1983, the situation of things in India was just petrifying as s.376 of the IPC did not make provision for a minimum sentence for the offence of rape though it had the maximum sentence to be life imprisonment. This was atrocious because an accused could end up serving few months in gaol as the minimum sentence was not within the wording of the penal section vide s.376 of the IPC. This made justice far reaching from the affected infected victims, hence a prompter to encouraging them run under the umbrella of self hate and inferiority. 1983 came with a presumed hope to restoring justice on these bastards as the review of the IPC had 7 years as the minimum sentence. This sentence, though distinct from the 5 years sentencing for rapists under public position, seemed to put a faint grin on the faces of victims until the look at the Indian Evidence Act. Whilst s.114 of the IEA was introduced to cover the areas of custodial rape, gang rape, and rape of pregnant women – a major reform here being that there is a shift of burden once the victims says that she did not consent to the beastly act – , s.54 of the IEA as well as s.155 (4) of the same Act was not exterminated along with the pre-1983 laws. Why you would wish they were forgotten laws is because s.54 provides that the fact that the accused person is of bad character is of no relevance in the determination of rape, but it is sufficient that he stresses he was not of bad character. S.155 (4) made it more upsetting as its contents read that when a man is prosecuted for rape and it is shown that the woman in question is of immoral character, then her evidence will not be taken into account. Small question thence is, if the bad character of the prosecutrix is considered in cases of rape, why not the bad character of the accused too? A wizard is not needed to tell us that there is element of bias in the Indian Law. More reasons why the full strength of justice is not served; greater reasons why the sufferers of this stigma die in silence.
Who said that only soldiers are prone to PTSD? A victim of rape has her sexuality distorted, her human rights trampled upon, and her freedom of movement unduly restrained. Rape leaves a woman violated, less human, and traumatized. All she wants is to talk to someone, but is met with ceaseless blames from blabbing mouths. Who said that the fact that the victim hits her climax or orgasm during a violent rape means she is merely blabbing in the court, as the spilled fluid means consent? Orgasm does not have to be consciously or deliberately brought forth; is it not even foolish saying to think a woman would give consent to a violent RAPE? In furtherance, research has that the lubrication in the vagina during a rape is for the protection from wholesome physical damage rather than sexual excitements. What is lamentable is that these rapists see women as sex toys; they do not have regard for the physical integrity and privacy of women. There is clearly no fear and respect for the constitution, pesky still is the fact that I share same gender with these wolves who behave worse than primates or apes.
The truth is that we should discontinue the extant habit of appropriating victims of rape from our world. They need to be loved, they need to be shown care, and encouraged during these trying times – it is no easy task. Apportionment of blames, spite, hate speech, bad laws, to mention a few, does well to leaving these victims spinning slowly round a fan with firm ropes on their necks. It is advised that the law, as a matter of must, takes a fresh look at itself and take positive steps to make it more difficult for an accused to get judicial reprieve. Rape is just as grave as murder if not worse, as the former leaves its victim dead on the inside and alive still to be tortured by soar remembrances. You and I have leading roles to play, say no to rape.                                                                    Written by OKOCHA OBED.




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