It need not take the special prayers of heavenly angels nor babalawos‘ in our own country, euphemistically regarded as Nigerian angels to reveal to us that the economy is buoyantly crashing in a style seemingly comforting. I need not fast, if I dare it, my creator will quickly forearm me from the resulting economic ravage that I may not get hospitalized, nor wear sack clothes ensconced in ashes before I know that three square meals is now top prayer point even in a rich man’s agenda (if you doubt, try asking Innoson Motors and Aero Contractors, they will tell you their winding up story).

The Nigerian economy as of now is worth thanking God for. At least, the Naira to the Dollar at the parallel market being about Four Hundred and Twenty Two Naira to One Dollar has not killed that Nigerian who live on or even below the bread line standard. I trust Nigerians, they will and cannot die of poverty. An average or even below average Nigerian will not prefer death as option from impoverishment. He will rather prefer to survive by any other means than die from an economic induced poverty. Nigerians like life even against a woeful economic recession.

For sure, the average Nigerian knows not the end of this austerity if I am to put it that way. A day will not pass without a positive forecast of a good economic layout for those set of Nigerians. But, for the 8th National Assembly, six weeks recess is sweet pill to swallowing an economic recession. They have fully arrived come stamp their ground firmly, that no matter the harsh conditions the Rock of Gibraltar is understatement for their solidity in recession and while they relish in recess, the nation’s recession seem very insignificant.

Our legislators have not seen it as national emergency to put on suspense the recessing even amidst recession. I think not the least that they have come to terms with elongated holidaying and have taken it as part of legislation, after all they will still receive their take home yearly 30 million Naira pay so, they really need not see it as emergency. But, if it be the case of a civil servant, he has no option of dissenting a call posturing of exigent emergence, demanding of matters of administration, even on leave he has no option than to oblige. Else…!!! That is the contra-distinctive paradox of the Nigerian polity.

Barely four days from now (September 12th), NASS will resume plenary and hope to continue from where they stopped. But, it will not be taken away a perceived fact that less than six weeks would not have been lesser a period for our legislators to have sowed in this land of economic recession reaping a thousand fold on the heads of many Nigerians, like the biblical annotation of Isaac sowing in the land of famine and reaping a 100 fold that same year, so they will resume in grand style like fattened chickens fluttering their feathers after a successful meal forage to bring Mr. President to order on the state of the nation. It probably have not dawn on them that our recovering far distant South American neighbour Brazil have seen reasons why thwarting scotch policies that is accommodating of recession was best bet for an eventual Rosseuf’s  replacement.

The Federal legislators should not forget that the Petroleum Industry Bill is still on ground. You have better not dare forget. The uprising in the Niger Delta Region is principally because of the stymied progress of this bill. If passed, it will help foster the security of oil installations in the country, enhancement of the growth of the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company, an upgrade in the oil and gas infrastructure and refinery upgrade and expansion and as well a proper sharing formula for the derivation policy will be bolstered upon a successful passage.

Matters of great national concern warranting of emergency intervention ought to have sent our legislators on recess parking. The Anti Grazing bill signed by Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State  should have been of utmost responsiveness to the Federal legislators. The Bill seeking to protect the rights of hawkers signed by Ben Alaye of Cross Rivers State needed be considered as option by our Federal legislators in relation to the economic harshness on the average hand-to-mouth Nigerian at least as a measure to cushioning the recessive effects than mere recess mongering.

Six weeks is too much for people who are acclaimed too serious minded to be recessing in an economy experiencing agonizing recession. How many weeks leave is apportioned to a Nigerian civil servant yet he is paid less.

A word is enough for the wise!!!
Written by Avst. Davidson I. Obabueki 


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