Is it that they chose this path to decide always often humans by the colour of their pigmentation? Judging people by their prevailing circumstances, against the content of their character just because one is a Negroid or less offensively a Black, is inability to recognize, accept and celebrate the differences of that person. This is pitiful!!!

I tend to agree with Harper Lee that; “As you grow older, you will see white men cheat black men every day of your life. But, let me tell you something and do not forget it; whenever a white man does that to a black man, no matter who he is, how rich he is, or how fine a family he comes from, that white man is trash.” That was somewhat harsh, but, it is the truth. Some say human beings cannot be treated equally because all fingers are not equal so why the equality. It is only among  the mentality of failures can such be found.

Importantly, racism is not just associated with the whites hating or discriminating the blacks. Blacks on rare occasions discriminate against whites. But, as history reveals, Blacks tend to be on the receiving end more often.

The recent South African incident where Penny Sparrow, a white South African estate agent dropped a comment on Facebook describing black people as monkeys is a classical example. The citizens of South Africa took it upon themselves to ensure that she was brought before the cocourt’s

The court in reaching her decision held that; “Her words conveyed the message both explicitly and implicitly to the reader that black people are not worthy of being described as human beings- implicit in this that they have lowered or sub human intelligence”.

In that stead, $7000 fine was paid by the racist within the period of 60 days to the Oliver and Adelaide Tombo Foundation, as well as an open apology on Facebook.

In another incident which took place on the 26th day of August, 2016 when Girls of Pretoria High School, South Africa protested against racism indulged by the School authorities. Girls of the school poured out their hearts on the inequality and harsh treatment that had been going on for some time. Some of them alleged that they were not permitted to speak their mother tongue, and they were often accused of conspiracy whenever they gathered in little groups. They lamented that black girls in the school were forced to chemically straighten their hair. These allegations led to the instigation of an online petition with about 30,000 signatories against the school authorities. 

It should not escape our notice that lots of petitions against racism have been made in past which have never been granted except in few cases.

As far as I am concerned, racism is an attack to the very notion of universal human right for the very fact that it denies a group of people their full human rights due to racial differences or skin colour as the case may be.

 Racism is unbecoming of an evil, it is as simple as that. How can one be described as an animal simply because she happens to be black skinned? The fact that I have woolly and strong hair texture that sticks out does not make me less human rather, it shows the profound and unique features nature has given me. 

Mr Caucasian, kindly learn to appreciate that or better still deal with it.

I recently had a long chat with a friend based in Canada, and she opened up a great deal of the insecurities she faced as a black over there, and how she had begun to question her true existence. The U.S Sentencing Commission in 2010, reported that African Americans receive 10% sentences longer than the whites through the federal system for the same crime. I cannot but wonder whether the law is as objective as it claims. Should the courts not be impartialwhen interpreting the law rather than give special treatment and preferences to a group of people? Personally, I believe racism is being treated with frivolity, with hands carrying of it utter frippery.

It is high time we (especially African countries with high victims of racism) took it upon ourselves to put an end to it. For crying out loud, there are different ways to discipline a child. Since mass protest rallies, payment of fines, et cetera have made little or no impact, then other intense measures should be taken to eliminate racism. A starting point could be the criminalization of racism by the legislatures of countries and preferably, a punishment of two years jail term would be highly palatable.

Also, I am quite certain that no one was born a racist, it is most probable that one grew into it. Therefore, chances of such creed to be altered are more than possible.

To all racists out there, it is not too late to have a rethink on your ideology about racism. How about seeing the innate light given to the black man by our creator, rather than dwelling on the physical features of blacks. It is not cricket that you treat blacks with disgust like beggers of negative infections to human existence. The black community is rich in her cultures, and traditions hence, learning them will do more good than harm since it will bring about unity in diversity that will eventually encourage world peace. 

The Zuckerberg’s visit to Africa should be used as template whenever the urge to discriminate arises.

Conclusively, hating people because of their color is wrong. And it does not matter which color does the hating, it is just plain wrong.

Whether one be a white or black, one can always excel in whatever he does for achievements really has no colour.


*Lucy is a debut writer on the Legal Watchmen. Look forward to seeing more interest write ups from her.



  1. This article is pungent, timely and very educative.
    It is hoped that this willl stimulate a conversation that will provoke a change in attitude internationally and I dare say, locally where our own version of discrimination is tribalism.
    Keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I cannot but agree with you that our own version of discrimination is tribalism. In Nigeria, we do not necessarily discriminate, we rather ethnicize or tribalize. Its high time we Nigerianize. Nice piece Lucy.


  2. This is revealing the extant wounds the globe has refused to treat…beautiful piece Lucy, if the world would feel touched and start loving each other irrespective of racial variances then I cannot smile any less. Mr White man we are not apes, it is just annoying how they hold their view as though their lives’ depends on it. PHEW!


  3. Holy hell I'm so excited. I'm in love with Bioware games so I'm thrilled to see KOTOR (which I only just started shhh don't spoil me) and the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series on there. AGakhgkakjghadLjfghadk I'm also pumped. Okay, I have to go read the Portal review now because PORTAL!!


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