Uncouth and unseasoned is a society where lawlessness and arbitrariness is characteristic hall mark.It’s severity of purpose has no bearing, it bearings at least if it be in any measure; a tittling handful. I know we have put the foot in wrong boots even as a nation.

We have minorized what even nature made major to be her spitting image, if lost cannot and never be recouped. In its most precious form it can never be regained but, the vestige of hope lies in the fact that when it dies and leaves behind a voice, nature is nursed by the fact that there was not a vacuum from the onset.

Our past heroes and heroes past most a time are just mourned with the eyes and with conduct reminiscing of elegiac tendencies by some, while others fake cynical tears and after the days go by, they are briefly forgotten. Always often the recital of the line from our National Anthem; “the labour of our heroes past” only get sung with an attitude of attritioning quickness and not a passion in actual remembrance of their deeds. Mr. Ken Atsuete, I say your legacies will be bastioned in the sands of time.

What will one say about this defender of the masses, the lead counsel to about 400 state polytechnic lecturers who were given the chops by the Wickerian government at the National Industrial Court? What will memory say of this voice to the voiceless in Rivers State and Nigeria at large? What will fate say of this fearless critic? 

What will government say about this campaigner for human rights? What will justice do to those who paid for the bullets and the eventual executors?

The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. Those who will destroy democracy would have long implanted their tirades and grenades far and deep down the trenches of government, and it will only be the manifestation of a slow extinction from apathy, indifference and under nourishment that will subsequently characterize the government. So too are our laws when the value for its enactment is not driven a hard bargain for. When it becomes helpless in times like this when justice need be done to the aiders, abetters and the killers of Mr. Ken, then we say we have no laws in force.

Most assassinations of heroes is usually executed from a pointseemingly lurking and by persons of lazy hands who do biddings incurring of disgrace to civilization at the behest of another. He could not of course have been killed by unknown gun men, he obviously would have been killed by men behind the scene. The shooters only executed the intention of the back benchers, it probably would have been an interplay of the actus and mens. People do not just shoot others, most assassinations is done after someone must have paid for the bullets.

Those who went in cahoots against him, those ones who seemed quiet but were just mere snakes in green grass. Those who perceived him as anti-policy. What about them? What about the future? His admirers? The institutions? It only smacks of good if I am to say divinity only permitted his kismet, for I for one never knew of Mr. Ken till now.

His death has brought many good things to me and those like minded ones as well. He has made me understand that dying a death is worth it when one lives after death. If there is any legacy that can be worth calling is the voice you left behind and be rest assured that your voice will be continued by the voices of others.

RIP Mr. Ken. Atsuete.

Written by Avst. Davidson .I. Obabueki.


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