VOTE MEYOU FOR PRESIDENT: Nigeria’s Long Awaited Messiah.

Yeah! after several leap years of colonial rule by Brother Britain, we eventually collected our independence in 1960. About 2160 days later the whole country was thrown into a scream-shout-siren atmosphere. We were running in stew, utter confusion, and knowledgeable ignorance of what had happened. Quickly, I brought out my Camon C8 which my babe had bought for me and went online with my customized UC Browser which I loved it’s spruce swiftness and of course tapped my Vanguard News Application. Guess what I discovered? there had been a CUP with an ‘O’ before the ‘U’. If you ask my lawyer me, I would say it was a monumental bolt out of the blue. But if you ask my religious me(then), I will simply say, “Hmmmmm, it is well, let me just die and go to heaven. I’m tired of this Nigeria.”
The reason d’etre for this was acclaimed to be the corrupt cum economic state of the nation. Now these acclaimed military coated messiahs were not able to sever corruption from the system. About 60 days later, there was another wonderful intervention that made the red liquid flow and elicited the in-flow of some new people into governance. It didn’t end there, about 3240 days later the juntacoius event replicated itself. This continued up on till its ‘FOR NOW’ last trailer stop.

All of these evil acts seem to be generously coated with good mens rea but they have not saved the system. This same corruption they have striven to eliminate has used our blood to bath dogs, it’s brother which is bad leadership has used our saliva to cook rice and their Oga at the top which is Government, has used our heads to play rugby. This is vexatiously annoying, exasperatedly irking as well as tiringly otiremicious.

I almost was giving up like you, like everyone else. Don’t castigate me for getting tired, I’m only using the word ‘tired’ because I’ve not seen a worse word else I would have used that to describe my present state.

BUT here comes the good news. I woke up this morning, picked up my new Gionee M2 that had just 15 percent battery remaining and began to read as usual, of course on my most loved subject; leadership. Then an Ads grabbed my screen, and I saw this as the head title. ‘VOTE MEYOU FOR PRESIDENT; Nigeria’s Long Awaited Messiah’. Guy, my subconscious yearning and necking for someone to come and save our society (SOS) overpowered my love for leadership and I started reading about Mr. MEYOU.

I bet you he is the only one that can save us from the mess we are in, he is the only one that can deal mercilessly with corruption, he is the only one that can fix the issue of bad leadership, he is the only one that can secure a great future for us and our children children, he is the only one that can bring the real change that we all seek.
That man MEYOU is Me and You. Until Me and You get to our fit to fix things, we will remain where we are or even get worse leaving no story for the unborn giants of Africa.


Article Credit:

Raymond Ijeomah

-Dr. Ray [HE].



Read WE MUST RISE! also written by Dr. Ray [HE].



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