During the second half of the year 2014 and the first quarter of 2015, the word CHANGE reverberated round every nook and cranny of the confederation known as the United States of Nigeria. Most Nigerians felt that it was finally time to experience a change of governmental policy especially after being exposed to 16 years of PDP experimentation. The word change came as a panacea to all our political brouhaha.

Almost everyone bought the Change Mantra. Even those who were not core Buharists marveled at the way the APC advocated and pursued their Change theorem with so much vigour. Many Nigerian youths who were not opportune to experience any other type of democratic rule apart from the democracy by PDP really welcomed the Change. Buhari’s stern legacy of 1983 prepared a path before him, and his anti-corruption campaign was seriously welcomed as a much needed development in a country noted for its fantastic exploits in corruption.

However, one thing Nigerian youths, and the entire political community failed to understand until recently is that there are always two things involved in life. It is either one way or the other. In this context, change was of two types: positive change and negative change. What APC failed to let us know before the elections was that Nigerians first had to undergo negative change before we could start enjoying the dividends of positive change.

There is no need to rehash the various elements of negative change which our country has been experiencing in recent times which led to a general inflation and a corresponding decrease/non-payment in incomes of workers. This is job that is best left for the likes of Femi Fani Kayode and Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State who have made it their life mission to remind Nigerians that they made the biggest mistake of their life by voting President Saint Goodluck Jonathan, the fabled Man With No Shoes, out of office.

Another thing the Nigerian community has failed to understand is that the president, together with his cabinet, as well as his APC godfathers and strategists are really delivering a carefully crafted change script into the Nigerian socio-political stratosphere. The modus operandi for the grant of political appointments which used to be by merit as well as with due regards for the federal character of the nation has been changed to be political appointment offered by virtue of qualification by relationship. So long as you are kith or kin to any of the top APC henchmen, you need no other form of qualification. Nepotism is now the order of the day at the federal level as our democracy has been redefined to be government of the abokis, by the abokis, and for Nigerians.

The issue of nepotism has become so bad that it has rubbed off on every other sector of the Nigerian society. Nowadays, you need connection to achieve every single little thing. To get a job, to get admission into a school, to get attended to at the hospital, to get attended to at a restaurant, to buy fuel at the station, even to get jollof rice at a wedding ceremony. These days, many guests go home empty stomached due to their inability to effectively hustle a plate of rice at a wedding ceremony for their deficiency in not having a reliable connection to the persons in charge of serving. It would not be inaccurate to postulate that the connect theory was what prompted Ibo rapper Phyno to release his hit single Connect.

Despite the many challenges befalling the great nation, including increased standard of living as well as international embarrassment by our leaders, the future still holds a promise of positive change. The cabinet of this federal administration is filled with a few stars that Nigerians still believe in to bring the much needed change to this country.  This country is no doubt filled with lots of potential. It takes just a little sparkle of energy to convert the great potentials into actual energy.  That sparkle will come when our super minsters, as well as the vice president get the mandate to exercise freewill in running the affairs of this country, without having terms dictated to them.


I am Oluwanonso_Esq on Twitter.


4 thoughts on “CHANGE YOUR CONNECT

  1. You speak truth boss….about your concluding statement, there is a point there; but it is not new that in our polity, the super ministers and other OGAS have corruption as a doctrine…but then, your point is clear and sound.

    It is cool you stressed the idea of APC bringing a negative change and it is cooler that you included a futuristic positive change. It shows that you have hope and faith that tables will turn.

    Hehe…love your sarcasm BOSS..Phyno should see this.

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  2. Nonso would not kill person with laughter jare…indeed, we are experiencing ‘Change’ as in the full meaning of the word. Issorait, diaris God sha…

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  3. There is no sincere government the world over, politics made it so. Some have a sincere mind, but the game of politics have a way of tinkering it. The only time you can get the sincerity of a government is before an election and after the expiry of their tenure. God help Nigeria!


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