Every Friday, we bring you top-notch quality posts and articles from guest writers who are non members of the Legal Watchmen.

Today’s episode features a highly inspirational post, a call to arms from a Nigerian youth beckoning on his contemporaries to seize the future-and the present- for themselves.



If you do a microscopic scanning of the political system from the Federal to the State level of Government, you would discover that there are a lot of ‘OLD’ people in the system; for me old in age, mind cum brain. We the youth have all folded our hands complaining and nagging, praising them insultingly and waiting for God to come SOS. Hey, if you are possessed of such religious and dangerously harmful mentality, then it’s high time you woke up, Sorry ‘WE’ woke up. We must rise to do it right, we must rise to fix the system, we must rise to express leadership in its most respectable and result-producing manner. We must quit complaining and start working. BUT for us NOT to replicate their manner of leadership, we must see to the perpetual manifestation of the following;

  1. Reading; how much we know on leadership, organization, public administration etc. will prove a laudable difference from what is on set presently.
  2. Mindset; we must be possessed of the right mindset, only right minded people produce right results.
  3. Character; What does our characters manifest, Every leader must possess the right strength of character for leadership else, we will bite the wrong meat of corruption.
  4. Listening ability; Every good leadership must learn the act of listening else he/he will crash in utter ignoramus and rigidity.
  5. Vision; I once quoted that when there is no vision in leadership, corruption becomes inevitable. Lack of vision in leadership is enough reason to grope in failure.
  6. Flexibility; Flexibility is a great tool in leadership. When we choose to be too rigid, then we break the chain of development and growth.
  7. Proactivesness; Leadership needs proactivity, when we dull the spirit, we dull the system.


To be continued, albeit in a different style.


Written by Guest Writer:

Raymond Ijeomah

-Dr. Ray [HE]



2 thoughts on “GUEST FRIDAY: WE MUST RISE!

  1. The concept youth in itself is not restricted or to be constrained to those persons who are young per se.
    In Nigeria, a person who is 60 years of age may be regarded or referred or classified as geriatric. A person who is 55 or 60 years exempli gratia may be extremely so spry and springy as to be regarded as a youth, he or she does things like a youth and even have mature principles and mind to lead. So, I really do not understand the classification thence of who a youth is. The United Nations of course have their statistics of who a youth is, which have being pegged to be one from the ages of 18 to 24 years. But, if we are to go by their statistics, what was their benchmark in reaching that vis-a-vis a person above the 18 to 24 years touchstone who naturally or extraordinary does extremely well, what a so called youth will or can do. What then are we going to term those set of persons? Food for thought. A catch-22 there!!! Nice one all the way.

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