No, I am not anorexic,

Thank you very much.

Yes, I am thin.

No, don’t tell me to eat more.


Society says “Real men love curves… ”

I don’t give a hoot what society says.

My body was not made

For real men to love.

Real men are not that

Section of the male human specie

Who sexualize every woman they see

No, they’re not.

Let men like whatever they want.


I am naturally skinny

I eat a lot and I don’t starve myself.

Why does society tell you to love your

Curves and make it seem wrong for me

To love my “bones” ?

Why do you say “skinny” in that way,

Like its some kind of disease but think

It’s horrible for me to label you “fat” ?


If you can look at me, with lips curved like

That, like what you see disgusts you so

Much and tell me to gain weight,

Why is it wrong for me to look at you

the same way and tell you to lose weight?

If you can feel beautiful being big,

Why can’t I feel beautiful being small?


Don’t tell me I have the body of a

12 year old. Thank you. I have a mirror.

Don’t remind me that my clothes look

Baggy on me. I know that as well.

Don’t you dare say I’m too boyish for you.

I am mine, before I am anyone’s else.


Don’t get me started on what

A real woman should look like.

Don’t say a real woman must have curves,

Muscles or be fat or skinny.

No. Don’t be silly.

A real woman is whatever the

Hell she wants to be.


Don’t say I don’t have to

Worry about how I look.

I am human.

I have insecurities and fears too.

Don’t offer to help me so I

Wouldn’t snap in half.

Skinny does not equal weak.


I am thin and I am fine.

Don’t tell me to eat more.

I don’t need your approval.

Don’t think I want to be

Carried because I look small.

Don’t call me cute because

I am petite.

I am a woman, not a baby.


Let me be.

Allow me to be myself.

To love my body and be

Comfortable in my own skin.

Don’t put other people down

Because of their body types.

The world had had enough of

Crappy, annoying and stupid opinions.

Yours is not needed.


Do not skinny shame me.

No. It’s not okay.



©2016 Dhebbie Otuamagah @thatgirldorian

Featured Image Photo Credit: Shutterstock.




  1. I love the message in this piece. I’m the opposite, I’m a chubby chic but think it’s high time we stop trying to tell people what they should look like. It’s no ones business and shouldn’t be important.

    Brilliant piece.


  2. The message still remains be comfortable in ur skin. Don’t go criticizing others on their size. If we stop hating on others, the world would be a better place.
    Nice one


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