Once upon a time, I had just withdrawn a certain peanut from my account, and I was bouncing home on a White and a black trousers resting complacently on a pair of long black shoes. As I bounced home, I made sure I drew attention, because (1) I had money and I was going to make myself a nice pot of rice when I got home. (2) As a law student who was admitted via MERIT LIST, I gats bounce. Just like men of old would say ‘flaunt it if you’ve got it,’ I had to display my dexterity of movement.

Unknown to me, calamity was in the offing. As I got to the much dreaded pit of extortion, I noticed some faces that appeared motionless like some eskimos unleashed from hades. I gradually reduced the velocity at which I bounced. I noticed a tete a tete b/w two of them, and immediately, a sudden feeling of higgledy piggledy engulfed my body. I lost my confidence, my ego and my poise within 3seconds. There was no going back, I finally realised. Hell was already loose, and it wouldn’t be a while before Belzebub and Mephistopheles would come for blood- my blood. As soon as I took two steps forward, I heard a sinister voice which conjured strength and threats. A voice like the one I’ve heard from just one man in my life. My father had this deep but sonorous voice that made Lions calm. The voice I heard that day would without stress pass for my father’s.

The voice rang “Hey! Who you be? You just dhey bounce like say na your papa get this street abi? Today today, your body go hear am”. Haaa! At that zero hour, I knew I was about to be led to the slaughter house, and that would be the beginning of my end..
Written by Obinna Einstein EJINDU (Legal Watchmen)

**Edited by Emmanuel UTOMI (Guest Writer)


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