Here I lay
Feeble and frighteous
Hot coal burning down my spine
Febrile as cottonMild as Mary’s babe
So were they
Then cacodemons came
In ginormous vans
Taking them to tare in pains
To witness black and tan

Here I lay
Heart brown as clay
Reminiscing back
When we laugh and played
Swing and swayed
Remind me nay of those days
Now slaves in sanctums
Brood of black blooded vipers
Fatuously feeding on their chestHere I lay
Faute de mieux
Mamas pray and pray
Papas search and search
Speeches were given to conceal their blant minds
Far away in a place unknown
Battered for sins of her leaders
Aspirations shattered like the lost lives in Jesse TownHereI lay

With quaint and curious
Heart beats
Benedictions I chant
To the One above
To free my beloved roseate
From terror totting vipers

Here I lay canty
Praying for my lost roseate
Praying for the lives that are still alive.

©Momoh Francisca
December 2014



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