Okay, this happens to be the last phase of an examination. Apparently, this is the last part of the series in this article. As has been earlier analyzed, the tale of a successful student begins from day one and ends, well, it ends at the end of this series.

Acting on a presumption that you, the reader have applied salient points as highlighted in the first and second episodes. No doubt, it takes great effort to agree and apply the points earlier considered, still, it must be agreed that some form of pressure still lingers after an exam has been sorted (right?). The feelings associated with uneasiness and imagery of unfinished business in the concluded exam could be a nightmare, hunting the minds of student (both the serious scholars and the flexing guys), thus, certain steps must be adopted to ensure a smooth sailing from sunset to sundown. Yes, the AFTERMATH OF AN EXAM is fragile phase and a bitter-sweet experience that must be handled with caution, in a bid to guarantee a student’s psychology. These steps are:


  • DON’T ANALYSE WITH OTHERS– It’s a temptation affecting all. After the event students gather in clusters giving highlights and lowlights of their affairs in the exam hall, it could be heart breaking to come to terms with minor or major mistakes made in the hall as identified by these clustering mates, still, one must understand that a good job needs not be perfect to be regarded as excellent (depending on some lecturers sha). As a matter of fact, there are situations when all band wagons, that is, all students holding a particular view as against a singular student’s perspective, could be riding on a mistake lane. Thus, it is important to keep such affairs in the exam hall to one’s self.
  • DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP– No matter how it was done, it’s time to let go. One must understand that the Rubicon was crossed the moment pen was put to paper. Therefore, no amount of torture (as prescribed by the opus dei in DaVinci’s code) can autocorrect the mistakes made, hoping for the best is a comfortable way to expect the best.
  • PERFORMANCE ISOLATION– In situations where there are more exams to go it is imperative to do away with the feelings affiliated with the affairs of a previous exam and move on to the next one (yea, on to the next one). This is because every exam is simply different.
  • BREAK– It is as valuable as gold to relax and take a break after an arduous study experience (if it wasn’t arduous then don’t take a break #justsaying). It is well deserved not just for the body, but for the mind, thus, during a break reading from other fields for general knowledge, watching cartoon tv shows to expand your vocabulary( click like if you agree images), listening to inspirational orators of all kinds and sleeping like a pregnant teen are fine ways to relax not only the body but also the mind.

Yeah, i guess my work here is done…. adios amigos..and PASS THAT EXAM.


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