She just stood there, naked as a happy-go-lucky deer in the jolly old forest. Naked skin glowed in the dim illumination of the white florescence bulb hanging right above them. He watched as she provocatively kicked her last stitch of clothing- her skirt- which had cascaded into a fabric mold below her, off from her feet. (It flew into the heavens perhaps).
He stood right where he was as well, hardly moving a muscle. There was not much else he could do, he was being overwhelmed. A thousand and one thoughts scampered hastily into his mind……. like someone had just screamed “pandemonium” in his head. He was feeling many things too. Lust, Anger, Shock, Disappointment and ultimately, a bulge in his pants. His blood was boiling now, his lips flushed and his eyes twitched as beads of perspiration ran down his forehead. But he remained motionless, transfixed.silhouette
She took a step forward then paused, took a look at the Exhibition ongoing on his face (and other places), regarded humorously his countenance, smiled as if encouraged and took yet another step. Her body was in full view now. Every contour and dip, every enticing shade of yellowish-brown and every mold of enticing flesh. He flinched.
“You like it”? She asked, a sly grin registering on her pretty face. She was teasing him he noted. He felt like hating her devilishness. He wanted to curse and scream at her temerity, but, would not, he been better off cursing with his lips? They were totally reticent, likely asleep.
“What are you doing” he finally asked (forcing his lips to life). His mouth hardly moved as he spoke, dry and tired. His voice was hoarse and husky……..and breathy too. Adrenaline?
“What do you think am doing?” she whispered, muttering every syllable delicately. She was seducing him. That was what she was doing!! “Ugo…”, she continued, slow and firm, “I have always known you wanted me. I have seen it in your eyes more times than one. This is as good a chance as you get”
And hell yes she was right about everything. He had always wanted her really. He had lusted after her even since his brother first introduced her to him…… as his fiancé. And he hated himself for it. He hated her for it too. It was her body’s fault afterall….it had beyond natural powers. He wondered how she came to know about his desires. He had always acted like he disliked her, in a bid to clothe his treacherous feelings. Had he not been successful? That could well mean that his brother knows too!
“All your form form…it was all for show” she whispered again. It was almost like she had read his thoughts. He wanted to reply, but could not find words. They seemed to be running away from him.
She was getting close now, too close. He had to make a move. Do something! His mind screamed, but a blue headed demon somewhere within him still demanded him to keep still. It even suggested he walked right ahead and grab her by the butt for what it was worth. The insolent blue head, he was not going to do that was he? Whatever happened to chivalry and the fear of incense….or something close to it, for god’s sake he was going to do the gentlemanly thing. It was the most reasonable thing to do after all. But like they say reason is too easily throw away in stiff circumstances….. like this. Caution is too easily thrown to the wind.
She was just some footsteps away now. He finally decided. Chivalry was going to be. He was going to push her right away as she got to him, probably send her off her damn feet and run for all his worth out of this god forsaken house. He clenched his fist….ready to deliver. But then her swift hand touched his………and his fist unclenched.

To be continued……




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