• Does your examination result depress you?
  • Do or did you once think you were intelligent?
  • Do you think you need to pass your exams?

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If your answers to the aforementioned questions are in the affirmative, then this article is for you. Like it or dread it, it is hard to get away from exams (a big ‘thank you’ to its originators from china). It has been discovered that the level of intelligence sometimes is not absolute for determining success in examinations. Why is this so? For one, the true analysis for secular success ranges through ingenuity, creativity, luck, hard work, weakness-acknowledgement, focus and goal-orientation (amongst others). Yes, ingenuity is an essential input, however, it cannot thrive without many of the other listed traits, thus, a person who is of average or ‘just below’ average intelligence can in fact succeed in an examination if He combines and implements the above characters. The following paragraphs will discuss on the first and basic part of passing an exam.

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  • CLASS DUTIES- The journey for examination success begins from the first day of class. Most teachers or lecturers usually give out an outline of subjects in each course on commencement. A smart student tries to (1) update his or her class notes, (2) read ahead of the class in line with course outline, and also importantly, (3) attend all classes no matter how boring the guy (lecturer) is. Sometimes being at classes all the time is almost impossible as a result of unforeseen circumstances, yet adequate steps must be employed to bridge this lacuna.
  • DESIRES AND GOALS- No doubt, to succeed in anything (even joggling) there must be a burning desire to accomplish a defined and finite goal. In the absence of these what would exist in a person would be mediocrity, driven by the wayward winds of modern trends, accompanied by failure. #straightup.
  • ORGANIZATION-On the road to exam success, one needs to be more productive and less wasteful (time and resource management). Thus, certain things must be in place to guarantee the needed productivity, surely making (1) a physical and mental schedule could enable one to plan the week and oncoming days of studentship. An example is a plan to study political history on Machiavelli’s ‘political thought’ for 2 hours 3 times in a week or a plan to play basket ball one hour on weekends. (2) arranging class works and assignments alongside a good class note can go a long way in guaranteeing productivity, also (3) foodstuff and cash-extra must be included into the check list, no doubt many would agree that an empty stomach greatly influences the brain, in truth, scientist maintain that the brain is the hungriest organ of the body. (Yes, in fact it is).
  • PRIVATIZE YOUR PATTERN- (1) some people love to read upside down, others enjoy reading naked (trust me I know many freaks), it is extremely important that one understands his or her nature and study habits, this will enable them to adjust in to new and sometimes weird styles of reading, do not forget the goal is set for examination success, thus, any style goes. (2) Reading in one particular place sometimes does not guarantee absolute retention so it is good at times to vary reading places. (3) finally it is useful to vary ones study concept and structure, indeed, solving a mathematical problem in one way dulls the brain and deprives one a comprehensive understanding of the topic, imagine a footballer dribbling only in one pattern (the fans would surely hate him), such player may never be regarded as a good player.
  • BREAK TIME- Are you God? (yes, you) If you are not, then you need to relax the nerves after a heavy download and update. A sound Sleep could be employed to relax the mind. While some people go out of their way to gossip as a way of relaxing the mind, others engage in more carnal stuff (coughs), still others may engage in video gaming or field games. However, for an average student, break time should be done with discretion, in the sense that it does not wipe out an entire study (download and update). It would be wise for a normal student to reflect on his study from time to time within the course of relaxation. This no doubt controls the brain from relieving stress alongside useful data.
  • ARGUE WITH SELECTED ASSOCIATES- It is important to consider having a study group, however, sometimes within the study group, members may not have all the knowledge, thus, one may be driven to select a few scholars outside the box, with whom He may introduce some arguable topics with the ultimate goal and intention to determine the scope of his knowledge and that of his classmates.
  • KNOW THY SELF- Ultimately every tactic must be tailored to you. Who are you? What is your Goal? What circumstance could lead to your full potential? How can you better your chances? The answers to these questions must serve as the foundation to any action or measure required for excellence. Focusing on methodology is a key. (Do not forget).

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To conclude this part, it must be established that the most intelligent persons are not the ones with the best of results neither are the most hardworking students recognized as gurus. A combination of healthy traits as highlighted in the first paragraph is a surefire way of securing good scores. A goal at this initial phase must additionally be set by a person coupled with specialized or general principle(s) of study. One can only give what he/she has. To trash an exam, one must be fully equipped from day 1.

A subsequent article will discuss on EXAM PREPARATIONS (PROPER).


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