The article you are about to read is strictly the conviction of this writer. Any uneventful pejorations that may arise therefrom holds no liability on the Legal Watchmen.

Abeg wait jhor! shuo! Do you want to start judging me because of this article? ”Mtcheewwww”! Not as if you are on a higher spiritual pedestal than I am so, why the ”fronting”? Before you go about denting my unsullied integrity, read till the end or do not start.Cloud-Heaven
Do not get me wrong so easily, the big question is or should be, WHO IS A “FOOL” IN THIS CONTEXT?
I believe the use of inverted commas have saved me from being totally tagged freethinking atheist.
Wait a moment- what kind of fool do you think I am about to address? Do you think my definition of a fool here  is one that is uncannily given to impetuous remarks, silly comments and jabbers, a whole university of uninterrupted irrationality, an incredulous simpleton who indecorously misrepresents obvious realities to unprintable
fantasies? That is not what I meant. Now, let us get down to brass tracks.

Life actually is fraught with questions that have been left unanswered. Basically real life and religious questions. In the real sense, God has a whole lot of different entities as his children- THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE RELIGIOUS, THE UNRIGHTEOUS, THE UGLY, THE BEAUTIFUL, THE WICKED, THE KIND, THE IMPASSIVE, THE IMPASSIONED, THE FOOLISH , THE WISE, THE BENEVOLENT, THE MISERLY, THE INTELLIGENT, THE
DULL, THE RICH, THE POOR, THE FORTUNATE, THE UNFORTUNATE to mention a few. With the plethora of divergent sets of humans, it is frankly difficult for all and sundry to tread the line of the most belaboured cliche, the doctrine of Christ. Till now, despite the widespread of the gospel, some people still defiantly see it as a cog in the wheel of hedonism and relish. Another gospel truth that people may not agree with is the fact that if there were realistic, easily believeable and empirical answers to some of the questions put forward by the supposedly non-devout children of God, a whole lot of them would have been Christians. Some of these questions include; WHO IS GOD? WHY DID THE ALL-KNOWING GOD CREATE THE FIRST SET OF HUMANS WHEN HE FORESAW
THEIR DISOBEDIENCE? WHERE DID GOD COME FROM? WHY DO SOME CHRISTIANS SUFFER? WHY DO WE HAVE DIVERSITY IN CHRISTIANITY? WHEN IS ACTUALLY THE SABBATH DAY? These questions have been thrown to christian brethren and pastors but most times they waive it with unrealistic biblical facts or incomprehensible explanations. They claim only a spiritually inclined person can understand the answers to such questions. Funnily, we have a colossus of non-spiritually inclined persons. How do they understand?

For instance, the question of WHO IS GOD has lingered without an empirical and readily believable answer. When we were growing up as kids, we used to ask our parents these questions but our equally ignorant parents (even if yours was/were/is a pastor) would forfeit our questions saying that God is unquestionable. But, as children, we
gradually forgot those questions especially the ones who grew in the Holy Spirit and thus no longer irresolute as to the answers. A pastor once attempted to answer the question and said that God was a Holy Spirit of course. If He were not a spirit, perhaps, I would have seen him sauntering the Faculty of Law. I did not consider that as an
answer after all I only asked “who” God was and not “what” God was. Another illustration that has given unbelievers much grounds to question the truism of God’s leviathan hegemony is the contentious issue of the all-knowing God who knew that the first inurbane human called Adam accompliced by the evil genius, Eve would eventually eat
of the forbidden pleasure but still went ahead to create them and vented his spleen on them. A thousand and one men cannot justify this. Some pastors, rather than keep quiet in this regard, have confounded the issue with their ecclesiastical literature. They border on the fallatic latin genre of petitio principii, begging the question. Personally, I blame no one after all I have a dose of unanswered questions too. I am not only satisfied with the fact that of all of
God’s creations, God made man too wise coupled with the ability to talk, pretend, walk, think, and work. A philosopher once opined that “freedom of man will soon overpower God”. His reasons are not far-fetched( that is not to say that is true anyway) Man’s thinking and wisdom has vitiated the gospel. #Sighs#

Now, let us come back to our explanation of “fools”. In my wealth of priestly experience, I have seen that the world today is becoming more developed than imagined. Years ago, people revered God because they all had one need or the other they could not get on their own. It is actually true that when one is in trouble, he remembers God, an adage
I have coined to suit my explanation. The “wise men” who have invented all sorts of life-simplifying machines and ameliorating measures find it difficult to serve God because the wisdom of man has aptly created a perfect environment for them without recourse to celestial “jabberwockies”. The wise ones are those top politicians businessmen, academicians, men of God who act like God. Before now, they prayed fervently but now they have sacrificed true worship on the shrine of money making. It is good to always teach people how to fish and not always giving them fishes but the problem is when those people eventually know how to fish, they behave like they never asked for fish. The “wise” ones these days really cannot worship God the way they ought to. Wealth, comfort, no hardship, pleasure unparalleled most times have hampered true worship. I perfectly understand the part of the scripture that rightly enunciated that God shall resist the proud but will immerse the humble in superfluity of Grace.

A “fool” in my context is that person that has decided to disregard all of the afore-mentioned heart-throbbing questions which defy answers, that person who may not have it all but is content and grateful for small mercies, that person that acknowledges that God may not have been seen but will always play a role in the tides of men.
That person that refuses to take advantage of the fact that God gave too many lee ways and freewill to believers. This is the heart that can serve God- a simple heart- a”fool’s” heart. The fact is, using those questions to obviate from serving God will only impoverish us. Do not try to be too wise or logical. Be a “fool” and be exalted by the invisibly invincible hands of God. True blessings come from humility. Live  a good life, have a good conscience, help people, be appreciative when you become successful. Do not serve God because you are an ugly girl and has resigned
yourself to fate because guys hardly approach you and thus heaven becomes an option. Do not serve God because you are disabled and as such you cannot do anything but just strive to make heaven. Do not serve God because you want to graduate and get a good job. Do not serve God out of hapless conditions, serve God completely.  If you
serve God due to situational intricacies, you are no better than the people you call your opposites.

A change of heart is necessary else, a tumultuous  heavenly sirocco will surely unmask your hypocrisy and immerse you in ignominy. Remember, those who planned to be good at the eleventh hour all died at 10:30.
Be the fool, else your karma awaits you



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