How To Get A Job Part 2

In the first part, certain tips where established as imperatives for a successful performance in any job interview. In truth there doesn’t seem to be a definite amount of tips to guarantee total success in this venture. In light of this fact, I took the pains to gather extra feedback from more of my ‘human resource’ friends. It is my hope that you appreciate my efforts and determination to provide you this invaluable knowledge.


4.  MANNERISM & ETIQUETTE: the show begins when you cross through that door. They begin to gaze at your appearance, like you are one cute white lab rat. Some might even bend their eye spectacles as if to take a proper examination of your body features (Dammy Krane for the girls). Well, do not be afraid, for I am with you…Alright, i retract that, the truth is, you are ‘on your own’ (you are in the OYO STATE and not the AVATAR STATE). A fine display of good manners such as greeting them formally, sitting straight up, politely listening and acknowledging their points, focusing on them without starring sarcastically, will no doubt give you an edge in reaching the hearts of these gods (even when the gods must be crazy). Additionally, good manners can be reflected in every detail of one’s conduct, such as opening the door.
Handling the door must be done in such a way that it is properly shut with your front body facing the interviewers, letting your hand finish off in a seemingly clandestine and effective manner.
The knowledge of business etiquette is invaluable as it guarantees the aura of professionalism from a job applicant to the appreciation of the job givers. Thus, one must learn when to stand up, how to shake hands firmly and professionally (up down, up down), how to position your legs (never cross your leg in front of a job interviewer’s desk except you are its DAD/MOM or BOSS, which you should never imagine anytime soon), this is because a person in position of authority will not tolerate any iota of laxity or overconfidence from any subordinate. The crossing of legs could connote this. Additionally, application of professional etiquette also aids your manner of speech (trust me you don’t want to use slangs and all that crappy english) and guarantee a good rapport with these professional moguls. A lot can be said on this point, yeah, but let’s move on. biko.
5.  IMAGINE PROBABLE QUESTIONS: It is especially important to be ready with quick comebacks for probing questions that might make a lesser candidate uneasy. Definitely have a good answer for the penultimate one, the tough one, “What is your greatest weakness?” or the ever-popular, “Talk about a time when you resolved a conflict on the job.” You never know how the interviewer will come at you, so be prepared for questions that are a little out of left field or even totally unrelated to the job, such as “What is your philosophy of life?” or “How do you handle stress?” or “why do you want to work here?”. Practice your responses based on a few bullet points, so your words sound clear and concise but not programmed. Remember to take thoughtful pauses to allow your interviewer to digest and respond to your thoughts (trust me you don’t want to be a rapper).
6. TURN THE TABLE AROUND: In the previous article RESEARCH* was prioritized as an invaluable duty of a job applicant, its function no doubt equips the job applicant with answerable ‘punch line’ questions. Usually during the course of an interview, there seems to be time left for questions for both parties. A smart job applicant makes adequate research (*expounded in the previous article) to show his potential bosses some brain. It is recommended that an applicant ask (a) reasonable question(s), it would show the interviewers the level of his/her knowledge as well as ignorance, in the long run, the applicant would be on the same page as the interviewer, this is good news.
7. PRAY AND PRACTICE FOR CONFIDENCE: Confidence is the ultimate companion of success, and congeniality is a surefire way to leave a lasting impression. Employers want to hire people who can positively influence others, who are confident in their skills and abilities, and who are just generally pleasant to be around. Before you step into that interview room, make sure you have enough warmth and personality to complement that professional, polished demeanour. Ease any anxiety by reminding yourself that your interviewers are most likely as positive and hopeful about finding a new member of their team as you are about landing the perfect job. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Haaaaaaaa am exhausted.  NOW YOU KNOW IT, NOW YOU APPLY IT. Stop reading and GET THAT JOB.      o jaaaareee…
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