Desperate Measures

In Delta State, one cannot be but amazed at the lengths through which some certain cabals are desperate to retain a tight clinch on political power. The former Speaker of the House, Rt. Hon Victor Ochei, who has been in that legislative office ever since I started my formal education finally decided last year that he was not going to run for the legislative seat anymore, but only because he had his big eyes on the throne of the Governor of Delta State. Ochei belonged to the Peoples Democratic Party in the days of his Speakership, and was known as a no-nonsense man who had no time to listen to the complaint of his electorates. He had many a times prevented members of his constituency from gaining access to him in order for them to table their complaints. His own hometown was the very antithesis of development. No electricity in the entire Local Government since 2011. The roads in the pre-colonial era were even of a better shape than the ones in his community. These, and many other painful signals were pointers  to the fact that his community reeked of malodorous  political neglect and extreme under development. And throughout this period, the very Rt Hon. Victor Ochei was at the Delta State House of Assembly, sacking and retrenching workers on frivolous economic excuses, thereby increasing the stock of unemployed electorate in the community.
It was during the PDP Party Primaries held in December that Victor Ochei received a very rude shock that power does indeed belong to the people. His bid to become the Governor of Delta State was thwarted by his own very people whom he had counted upon to take him there. Infact, many persons from Aniocha/Oshimili Local Government Areas of Delta State which was the very locality which he hails from had sworn over their dead bodies that Victor Ochei would not become the Governor of Delta State whilst they were still alive, except if he repents (in the same manner which General Olusegun Obasanjo purportedly gave his Alife to Christ whilst he was incarcerated in prison). At the PDP party primaries, Victor Ochei who had spent so much money (our money, of course), in building up a web of propaganda of lies and bull-shit received so little votes from his own constituency, which saw his brother Senator Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa emerge as the PDP gubernatorial flag bearer for the state. Senator Okowa is the representative of Delta North constituency at the National Assembly.
When Ochei saw that he had lost out in his dream of becoming the Delta State Governor come 2015, especially as the other parties in the state were not willing to accept him as their flag bearer, and besides, PDP is clearly the strongest party in the State. Barely three weeks after being rejected by the card-bearing members of PDP in his constituency, he switched direction and changed party in a typical Nigerian Cabalocracy fashion, and decamped to Accord Party, where he was adopted as the Senatorial Flagbearers for the constituency.

If as the Speaker of the House of Assembly, where you are the number 3 man in government, even your own village has nothing to show that their son is in one big man office like that, I believe the members of Delta North Constituency (Anioma) would also come out and say, “Tufiakwa! Ochei would not become a senator of my constituency unless he repents and shows us that he is ready to work for the masses.”

Ramblings of a Delta State Citizen


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