#PoetryCorner- HOLD ON

Hope is never too faraway
From need, nor was so bereft of gain
Faith, makes it just two miles or less
With the goal yet a thousand miles from caress

And stay right on that rope…hang on
With defiance coursing through your every vein
Like the sweet sweep of the blue eyed ocean
And have every nerve drunk with determine
So when life twists and turns your every gut

And spews your being right from your lips
You could stick tightly to the bits of you
That it failed to wring in it wimp

Faith keeps a headless man alive
And hope just what the soul needs
To satisfy the harsh spend of good earth
And it’s all we have got after all

Life is but swiftly passing moments
And every second like a drop of water
Is closer than one guesses, to impact
As the drop is to a brim full cup

So what if you need to stand tough
What if the next drop was all you need?

To procure you the full-to-brim cup!
And keep hoping still if you needed more…….

©2015 Vincent  Chimobi Okonkwo


4 thoughts on “#PoetryCorner- HOLD ON

  1. Nyc theme..
    boring development…not vivid enough
    no rhyme scheme…did not even follow
    the pattern of a blank verse….seriously
    u Ve to up ur game…..poetry is my love..
    pls don’t kill it
    keep the spirit up anyway…


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