Hi, you would do well answer sincerely.

What is your dream job?___ job seeker

Are you deserving such job?___

Do you know what  it entails? Really? Are you sure? 100 percent sure?

Many answers will no doubt head towards sole proprietorship (self employment). However, a job doesn’t strictly mean ‘employment’. A job by definition involves a piece of work which a person is hired for, through which such person is rewarded in payment.

Interviewing for a job (whether a holiday job or a secular one) is always difficult, regardless of how you have fared in past interviews. Every company and every interviewer is unique. No matter how much you prepare, there is almost always at least one question in every interview that catches you completely off guard, and it can be remarkably challenging to think on your feet when you feel like you’re being examined under a microscope.

Sure, interviews can be stressful. Your entire history is subject to examination under a microscope, and you’ve got a small chunk of time to convince your potential employer why hiring you would be a fantastic business decision. With a little forethought, a bit of practice and the right attitude, you can walk away from that office expecting a good news phone call in the near future.

Here are some invaluable tips that should come in handy during a job interview.

  1. RESEARCH: It involves understanding the company as a person. Reading its mission statement, learning its history, checking its social status on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc. you do well to ask and answer the questions. Has the company been in the news lately? If yes, Why? How would it affect your role?  Who are its shareholders and highly placed officials?  The goal is to be able to speak on the company as if you’re an expert on them (even if you just Googled them yesterday), this demonstrates that you are already investing in their business and their continued success. Ask about upcoming goals, milestones and plans for expansion to show your interviewer you are thinking about the future of the company and your role in their growth.


  1. DRESS TO IMPRESS: Studies show that navy blue is the best colour to wear for an interview because it inspires confidence. Blue and black are the recommended colours to wear while orange remain the worst when it comes to interviews. It could be helpful when one arrives at least fifteen minutes to double check on his/her appearance before the big call. Also job seekers are better off without cologne or perfumes as it could irritate the employers (especially the ones with red nostrils).


  1. SECURE YOUR HEALTH BEFORE D-DAY: It would be a mournful failure if one goes into an administrative block with her two legs only to be driven out to a medical institute on a wheel chair with four tires. Was it stress? Was it anxiety? Could it be traced to ill-preparation? Guess what, the interviewers don’t care, as a matter of fact; you have just made their job (piece of work) quicker and easier. Thus, in light of the pertinence of good health, one should do everything possible to prevent a breakdown in the body system. This involves physical exercise, mental check and oral health. Yes, Oral health must never be taken lightly, personally, for ME, a foul smell from the mouth of a supermodel would cause irreparable damage to his/her person (this is solely my view, I might be wrong).

To be continued:

the list continues in part 2.



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  1. Wonderful TIMELY PIECE…
    NYCE ONE….
    sentences…pls FIX THAT.
    …EAGERLY ANTICIPATE the part 2


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