Do not get miffed at the title of this article .it will only be a riddle wrapped up in an enigma when you fail to read it up. Yes!! Read on!! Keep reading as I disambiguate the conundrum.

A French philosopher once said,“the end justifies the means”…hmmmmm! Wat could that ever literally mean? Oh! I fathom!,that it doesn’t matter how you get it provided u get it..:hmmmm!

Regrettably the ones in whom the supposed incarnate wisdom of powers lie have flanged and clinched themselves inseparably to the dictum afore-mentioned,purported by a Machiavellian;a cunning schemer who incongruously enjoys a deluge of contemporary political followers.

The big question now is,WHO ARE THE MACHIAVELLIANS OF OUR DAYS?good question if you ask me!! I have not even a skerrick of equivocation to say that the political upheavals we are confronted with in contemporary Nigeria is traceable to the insouciant and venal actions of the Machiavellians that have flooded the panorama superfluously.

The Machiavellians are:
Those who soil the minds of the youths with chronic notes to amplify egoism and satisfy their avaricious quest for power

Those who fortify our ears with white lies and inter the truth in official graves

Those who boomerang public budgets to refill porous private pockets

Those who blind voting rights with hardened cash

Those who impregnate various banks with notes siphoned from public coffers

Those who manifest manifestos in sugar-coated speeches but turn round to stab us in the back

Those who crucify services on civil crosses and fill offices with “dead woods” who make frivolous gossips the stock in trade in lieu of selfless service

Those who pulled the wool over our eyes in the guise of political,economical and financial U-turns

Those who turn contracts into wayward gains

Those who supplanted our cheers with chains and our “bread and water” with grief

Those who gave all they had on the altars of eventual skulduggery and malpractices making us believe they were as innocuous as not killing a fly

Those who promised to snowball our initiatives,creativity and industry but in the long run,they  doused down the fire in us,reduced our hopes to rubble and placed us in psychological hobbles

Those who frustrated our academic efforts to gain personal pleasure or win the Nobel prizes of “chief sadist”,leaving us despondent like lambs to the slaughter

Those who enriched themselves and literally impoverished others

Those who jumped up and fertile under pressure despite the trust reposed in them

Those whose quest for pocket infrastructure propelled them to ignore the wailings of the minions and leave them in the lurch

Those whose pleasant looks ornate with cheerful smiles defied suspicion but had their conscience buried in mordant wit…Iron hands in velvet gloves!!!

     HMMMMMMMM!!!! What more can I say??
Despite the cries,wailings,and ululations of the plentiful minority,the plutocrats and powerful elite have paid deaf ears.
But alas!! In a country cloaked up in wickedness and corruption,there can be no MACHIAVELLIAN worse than the man who KEEPS A STIFF UPPER LIP IN THE FACE OF DISCRIMINATION,RETROGRESSION AND MALICIOUS MISHAPS!
There is always room for change and the first step is to believe you can effect a change and you will because it is always possible,if not for anything but for the posterity you and I will bequeath.

I am MR POSSIBLE and I venture to effect a change!!!

Written by Destiny Osayi (Mr Possible)



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