Bye 2014!

bye 2014   Now let me begin by pointing out that cliché is not my style. I believe so much in originality and creativity but somehow this year I’ve been moved by all the declarations concerning this year that I have seen floating around and I decided to pen something down myself.

2014! Honestly, I cannot remember all that has happened to me this year. Who would? 365 days is a long time. I do remember some things. Like that funny meme about John Legend being a tilapia. Hehe. It’s been quite a year in all. I’m sure in the last twelve months we’ve all had moments when we threw our heads backs and clapped our hands loudly and surrendered totally to the laughter and joy that filled our entire bodies. There were probably those times when it felt like the pain had tied such a tight and secure knot around our hearts that there was no escaping the sorrow that engulfed us.

As individuals and even as a nation, we had lots to celebrate this year. Personally, I experienced a lot of growth this year. Doing things I’d only seen happen in my daydreams. I learnt so much more about myself and being comfortable with who I was. Being the patriot that I am, I’d say there were a few high notes for our dear country too. The centenary celebration; even though many felt it was unnecessary because of the state of the nation. A milestone is a milestone and it was worth the pump and pageantry. Then we heard we had the biggest economy in Africa; that certainly made me smile for a minute.

Then we had those difficult moments. Actually we had quite a lot of those this year. From the abduction of the Chibok girls to the numerous bomb blasts in Borno, Abuja, Kano etc to the Ebola menace to watching the First lady donate phrases to our vocabulary (it was difficult for some people). And let’s not forget to acknowledge the international mishaps and touchdowns like the Malaysian flight which is yet to be found, the deaths of Joan Rivers, Robin Williams, Maya Angelou, Oscar De La Renta, the AirAsia flight that crashed recently. For the touchdowns, we can count the new ” Read Indication” on Whatsapp (be grateful for the little things), Malala’s Nobel Peace Prize etc.

Despite the murky waters we all had to wade through to get through this year, the biggest celebration should be for the fact that we’ve made it till the end as better individuals, closer friends, stronger partners and as a nation more resilient than ever. If there’s anything I’m taking away from this year, it’s that as long as we can make it through the night into the morning, we’ll all be just fine.

Here’s to the next lap in this funny race called life, Bye 2014!


2 thoughts on “Bye 2014!

  1. wao…as beautiful as d WRITER…
    I could feel d serenity of a gentle soul..
    has I read the piece
    tanks for an effective retrospective rundown
    BT u could Ve made little reference to sports. JOB


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