#PoetryCorner- On a Platter of Gold

On a golden platter baked with the fire
Of their own unwavering ignorance
Our ancestors had their heads served
And were buried in graves of folly
On similar platters now heavily beautified
So glorified by the Midas of modernization
Our heads too are to be served
And our graves are paved with aesthetic tiles

See what has become of us!
An abomination has become our tradition
We spend epochs courting the same delirium
Should we not cower in shame?
They say the child who refuses to learn
The tale of the burning flames
Shall be burnt time and time again
We are burnt so consistently

What ever became of sweet dicernation?
We thread a path ridden with worms
The same our ancestor tampered
How a sacrilege has becomes our norm!
Woe to our unfailing gullibility
Let us cut out our eyes and eat them
What use to us are such luxury
That we never would concede to use

Given platters of gold
Our predecessors served worthlessness
We serve even less
Preposterous is it seems….

©Vincent Chimobi Okonkwo


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