You Are What You Think

On the 27th of December, two decades plus ago, several babies were born to several persons in several hospitals and homes around the globe. Of this lot, a particular cry was distinct. It was that of Vincent Okonkwo, who proved to the nurses and the whole world that his lungs were indeed very healthy.
A half-score decade later, Vincents’ lungs are spilling beautiful lines of Poetry and working Prosaic miracles.
Happy Birthday to one of our own, Vincent Chimobi Okonkwo. We celebrate you.


A friend of mine had once handed out this boldly procured,
alternative content phrase to me as a variation of the original “you are what you eat” adage, without as much as an apology for his rather necessary audacity.
This audacity of his consisting itself in his impetus alteration of a very traditional and probably sacred nutritional advice of a saying. Not that he needed to offer an apology in any case. You don’t apologize for doing a good thing. And a good thing he had indeed done by offering me this new prospect of knowledge. I did not really understand the full import of this newly purported maxim- I wouldn’t say I fully understand even yet, but for
some certain reasons at the moment I believe I have about as good as ever an inkling of insight as to the countenance of his mind when he had handed out the saying. In any case, it could be that I have totally derailed from his intended path of thought in my interpretation of his phrase. Be that as it may….I feel at peace with my interpretation of this beautiful saying so to say.

It is rather amazing how so much truth could be contained in so few words. You are indeed what you think. Very much what you think. You see, the mind is a very tricky element if I dare say. A tediously elusive prospect, if I would refer to it as such. But in all its complicatedness, one thing is certain about the human mind, it is very much affected by what it has invested within it….i.e. what it takes in and what is indeed in it. The countenance of a person’s mind is determined chiefly by what lies within its enclosure; the totality of knowledge and experience as well as its default dispensations amongst others. As such a person’s mind is more or less defined by what it contains. What it contains is defined conversely by what it had been fed with. The human mind could not and would better not be under emphasized. It is almost impossible the many capacities it
The mindset of an individual, being a creation of the person’s position of mind or rather being the person’s mental dispensation is one of the functionaries in the exhibition of these capacities. This would be the very crux of discussion here: The mindset as it affects the occurrences of the physical realm.
I dare attempt an apt explanation of my position if I may. My
argument goes thus; firstly, your mindset goes a long way in shaping your tradition of behaviour. Furthermore, your behavior is a coalition of your actions which have taken a pattern.
A pattern is very definitely comprised of sequences.
A sequence of actions likely procures a result, given the all-powerful theory of cause and effect. It is subsequently conceivable that since an actions are always resultant to reactions, positive actions are mostly to be visited by positive reactions. Ultimately, a positive action need be inspired by a positive mindset. A positive mindset thereby procures
positive results. Hopefully, I have procured an explanation of some sort as to this phenomenon I am propagating. It should be noted that indeed, in real life, certain reactions would not exactly conform to the actions that demanded them….that is to say, it’s not always what it expected to be resultant of an action that is obtainable. However most times, it is.

As mentioned above, positive actions most times results in a
positive result. This is an undisputable fact of life and I would not be threading the path of delusion if I opt to concede to it. The concept of relativism entails a lot of things. It entails consequently, the aspect of consequence. Picture a wall and a ball bouncing off it. The theory of consequence operates almost in tandem with this prospect. The ball would bounce off the wall at an angle or in a straight line depending on the trajectory of throw.
Let me offer an everyday illustration at this point. Let’s use the
decisive example obtainable in the university setting in particular…..or better still the school setting in general. Its agreed lore that teachers in schools as well as examiners are often unscrupulous and very often unimaginable. Thus most students end up acquiring less than they may have expected or presupposed when they become enlighten of their results. They
get probably thwarted in the ultimate showdown of examinations.
But surprisingly, almost always there is that students that still succeeds extremely well despite the supposed unscrupulousness of the teachers. I would concede that be whatever may, that student with the awesome result
may not be the one with the most positive of mindsets……but he
must have though and acted positively to a relative extent all things being equal.
Equally it could be that he had exhibited the most appropriate
attitude and his result has been determined by this attitude so to say. No matter how conspicuously unserious or happy-go-lucky such person may appear, they must have worked precariously in the positive.(It’s almost impossible for persons to pass with flying colors without working at all anyways….except in very rare circumstances of course)
I would suffice to concluded on this note and as a friend of mine had once so baldly suggested; ‘what is’ most times is procured within the mental plane and by the workings subsequent of the original thought. The mind is dominative like that and until you begin to comprehend just how preposterously powerful your thinking is; until you begin to comprehend subsequently the sensibility in positivity, until you begin to wonder the
reason why the other man is a billionaire and you are not and ultimately until you begin to get uncomfortable with the tag of pessimism as it is so called; until then, you just may be lacking the aplomb with which to shape your life to its best. Call it the power of positive thinking as Norman Vincent so very well proposed. Give the half-full glass theory a try then if you must…or just take a plain look at the life of Steve Jobs and
marvel at the level optimism he displayed in taking the actions that made him and consider giving positivity a try. In the end, you really are defined by what and how you think.

Vincent Chimobi Okonkwo


5 thoughts on “You Are What You Think

  1. pure perfection
    ……so PRACTICAL..
    WELL DONE YOUNG WARLOCK… u will go places


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