#PoetryCorner-The Beauty of the Negroid

Every Tuesday we shall have Poetry Corner composed of fine selected poems by our Blog authors and other distinguished readers who so wish their poems to be published. Today’s poem was written by VINCENT OKONKWO, who is a debutante of the Legal Watchmen. Okonkwo has written several poems in the past which he puts up on his Facebook page. 

By the way, congratulations to our proud winner of #1,000 airtime who correctly provided the names of the blog authors in a picture posted earlier. The winner has been contacted, and his prize given to him. The Proud winner is Chux Anthony-Osakwe. Our sources confirm that he turned into an ad-hoc FBI agent in order to procure the names. Congratulations all the same.

Today’s poem:


When that old staggering Ethiopian lady
speaks of the beauty of the Negroid
it’s not so much a praise she makes at the ready
for the glow of dark negro skin
and yet such porcelain acquisition
Black skin doth deserve some reverence

When that fine-bearded Ivorian chief
talked of the Nero’s grace
I bet his thoughts had not been
filled with images of sweet mother Nile
and indeed the Nile and her pyramids
by all means a wonder too

When Luther took squarely to death
with praises of the Negroid on his tongue
it had not been the sanctitude of the black berth
inspiring such blatant bravado
and the berth of the negro….Africa
hath yet much worthiness in her Spine

When that fair Senegalist poet
wrote of the Negro’s glory
he certainly did not write first
of the awesomeness of his organ
and that too could be deserving
of some accolades…… if truth be told

When I speak of the negroid beauty
I too speak not of porcelain possession
nor the sweetness of mother Nile
I speak like they all had
of the thick muddy blackness
that runs within the negro vein
I speak of the common intoxication
the similar high pitched music
that proffers within the negro soul
I speak then of the negroid beauty

Vincent Chimobi Okonkwo ©2014

NB:  It is important to note that all the poems which shall be featured on #PoetryCorner are extremely protected by the Copyright Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Any attempt to duplicate or replicate in whole or part, any poem featured herein without prior notice and direct approval from either the poet or any of the Blog authors shall attract litigation.
A word is enough for the Ikejis wise.

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