It is really a thing of sadness and pity when I see many a people who have never crossed the borders of Nigeria in their entire existence on planet earth, wear an accent that tingles and ruptures the ear. My readers may be pricked, wanting to ask my cause or right of action in this case. But, before I am slayed on the sacrificial table, my cause must be pleaded.                                       On a faithful Sunday, Oops! I meant to say fateful because, there was nothing particularly faithful about that Sunday. A thanksgiving service was held at my grandma’s place, we had levee of guest, in another sense to mean, my uncles, aunts and cousins. It was really a terrific Sunday for I became literally deaf, dumb and stupid at the same time because, I was actually passing through what I will qualify as an arduous agnst- ‘hell in the making’.                                    
As a Naija babe, I came with the requisite mental capacity of having fun with my cousins I haven’t seen like forever. My cousins especially the girls who actually spent their summer in the U. S, were speaking in accent I couldn’t qualify as American or British because, it was mixed. These were babes I knew hadn’t spent more than a month in the U. S. It seemed like when they came back, they planted, watered and harvested the accent because, never in my wildest fantasy would I have believed that a forever accent can be developed within one month. My sisters and I just shared the ”sisters look” and continued doing our thing. The worst is when a person who has not even gone to Ghana, join the bandwagon to form an accent, painfully obvious that it is fake, or a person who goes to Indian to study Medicine, comes back with a british accent. Can you believe that? As hilarious as it is, it’s happening around us. What actually hit home on this issue is that, everybody wants to feel big, superior spruce and smart. Speaking correctly and forming an accent, are poles apart. They should not be confused for each other. Whilst speaking correctly entails using the right words in tune with ones natural accent, forming accent is borrowing another’s speaking lilt. I am sincerely not biting persons who wear accents to gulp or have an edge. I am seriously against people who form an accent which is so conspicuously obvious that it’s fake. To all my folks out there, drop the pretentious cloak, and learn to speak correct and sound English. It does not make you less inferior if you don’t have the gift of the gabs. Of what essence is it straining your vocal cords in the process of forming an accent you don’t have, and then end up sounding like a person who has just swallowed a can of life worms? Take heed.


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