All over the world, education is placed in high esteem. It is a major tool of civilisation and transformation, as well as an effective weapon against ignorance. Education is a thing to be desired, a thing every man must get. Education is still one of the most valuable assets of mankind, even though along the line, something went wrong. Man began to choose subjects to educate himself on and subjects he would rather neglect. Subsequently, in all institutions of learning, certain subjects began to get emphasized and dwelt upon, while others were ignored. This became the undoing of man.

However, some men were quick enough to pinpoint these loopholes in education. They figured out that if they wanted to enjoy an optimum life, they needed to explore these aspects left out by education. So they did, and that has made all the difference between them and every other man.

The truth is, education is never enough ! As a youth in Nigeria (or any country in the world), if you think all you need is education, then you most likely would end up unhappy and unfulfilled no matter how much you may earn. A close friend went for a job interview a fortnight ago and the first question she was asked was “ what is the name of the king of your village?” and she stared in consternation as she didn’t know the answer, actually, she didn’t even know that her village had a king. Is this not a form of education? If it is, then why has she chosen to completely ignore, before you start judging my cute friend, take a look  at the mirror, are you any better ? or you have also been caught up in the snares of one dimensional  education. To be scrupulous with regards to the truth, why should an individual not be conversant with his/her cultural heritage, gone are the days when our parents tell us, “our village is full of witches and wizards, you  must disassociate yourself from them” it turns out that they were saying the truth because I doubt if there is any village that does not have It’s own folklore about the supernaturals, this should not deter you anymore. It is no excuse. Educate yourself! The various tertiary institutions can teach you all you need to know.  Save yourself from being a rechauffe of the normal Nigerian graduates whose only skill is how to regurgitate what the lecturer invested in them.

“We need to put the child student where she belongs, at the centre of the learning process, where she can harness her skills and look forward to a prosperous adulthood,” says Sir Fazle
Hasan Abed. The key is making the child an active participant in his or her own education, and in their experience.  One form of  eduation should never play down the importance of another, they ought to be like bread and butter, like twins, inseparable.

Life is just too short to do something that will make one unhappy. God has incorcated Gifts in everyone of us, perfecting them is also a form of education. If you enjoy, singing, who says you can’t record a song now?? If you enjoy dancing, apart from shaking that booty in the name of Jesus, you can join a group, go for shows and groom your talent, if you enjoy writing, then write, if you want to be a politician,  then start contesting in small- scale elections now and groom your self into a person that people would want to vote for, if you enjoy fighting, join the judo, karate and taekwondo and channel your energy into winning medals,if you love football, Enyimba Fc arecurrently  accepting application,lol, just joking, but I hope you get my drift, the list is inexhaustible, but the point cannot be overly stated, You have a gift, make good use of it. We all deserve happiness, therefore no person or job should make us feel otherwise, I was privileged to have a tete-a-tete with a lecturer friend of mine who told me that although she liked her job and was getting lots of money, her second love(as she is married) was painting, as we were discussing, she opened her drawer and showed me a painting of hers, it was purely magnificent and as I stared in consternation, I noticed her face lit up into a broad smile, one which no praise on her lecturing skills would have produced. That night, as I lay on my bed before the stars and the moon dimmed into slow dark emptiness, I brainstormed on what makes me smile from deep within and lose touch with reality and I have discovered them and I am improving on them, you should too.

Invest in your talents and always remember that no knowledge is wasted no matter how obscure or esoteric it might seem.

Adios .

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2 thoughts on “EDUCATION: NOT ENOUGH!

  1. Lovely Lovely write up. I too am grooming myself in what can get me deeply immersed in happiness. I hope persons just need to understand early enough that Education is not enough.


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