Change is the only permanent thing in life. Everything subject to the authority of the heavens is equally subject to the Law of Change.
Given the persistent complaints and suggestions from our various readers and followers, we finally took a leap of faith by deciding to transfer from the conventional Blogger account to the more stylish and revolutionary WordPress account. So here we are, from legalwatchmen.blogspot.com to this domain.
We wish to use this medium to thank every single person who has been following us and reading our posts since the beginning of this year, both silently and consistently. We resist the urge to indulge in a Doyin Okupe name-calling frenzy. We believe that the blessings and goodwill destined for our followers will locate the appropriate persons through their IP addresses.
Now, there is no reason why we shouldn’t see your comments on our posts again, because we believe that the generational witches, wizards, bad belles, and enemies of progress that were hindering comments from posting did not follow us to this new domain.
As our slogan says, “Making a difference… One step at a time”, it is only a matter of time before we would be able to host our own URL in our own name, with the aid of our philanthropic readers.
This is the dawn of a new era, gird your loins, wear your seat belts, and sit tight.

Anybody who can correctly name the authors in the picture below in the order in which they are standing/sitting will get 1000 Naira recharge card of any choice network. Students of the Faculty of Law of the University of Benin are prima facie excluded from this offer.
offer valid while stock lasts 😝😜

The Legal Watchmen

The Legal Watchmen

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11 thoughts on “DAWN OF A NEW ERA

  1. Nyc..
    but could not follow transition of thoughts
    .and it WAS
    not buhari that said Nigeria will be ungovernable……
    ..reduce d insults in form of sacarsm.
    dwelt too much on attacking person.

    make me wonder if d issue and person re one and same

    overall Nyc…..


    1. Bakare, I must appreciate your weal of thought. But, must be brought to your notice that I only worked with facts. Tell Magazine carried that Buhari said so, The Nation carried same and even many political outlets in the country at one point of their analysis make reference to that utterance. How then can over 65% of Nigerians aware of that statement, be said not to be a statement uttered by him. Hope you are satisfied? Thanks all the way.


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