A French expression that implies,‘‘SUCH IS LIFE’.  A carnival of naked souls dancing through blooming thorns and hopping through muffled shrills…that is the life we live! Remember how you feel when people make statements like ‘such is life’.Some call it a bed of roses,some call it a dice because of its unpredictability. Others call it a stage while for others,a bumpy ride. After a tested argument,one immersed in the waters of experience I beg to call it an IRONY!!!!!
 A scholar,OKPAMEN.E,once purported life to be the dichotomy between expectation and reality.In an air of utmost bewilderment I asked myself how many of my expectations have actually turned out as premeditated? Alas, all I got was a cocoon waiting to hatch. I was awe-stricken!.

     Dear friends,life is not as white as it is painted..it is a plenary of vagaries.It is erratic,unbelievable,unfathomable and of course an IRONY. Some sick and “about-to-die” debaters open their maggot-infested buccal cavities to interdict and malign my humble belief that the origin of man has always been ironical .Why wouldn’t I call it an irony when we live in a world where:

* Those whose accounts have climbed monetary ‘Kilimanjaros’ lack the
acumen to innovate and create while those who swindle progressively
downwards from one financial hiccup to the other have bright plans and
dreams but actualize them.

* Those who lie contentedly at the bottom of the intellectual
foodchain pass out with flying colours while those who are tagged
‘‘walking encyclopedias’’ see their results and lament .

* Those who swim in the waters of carnality fellowship with success
while the ardent believers of the faith have frustration and misery
looking straight into their eyes.

* Those who get recurrent A’s and excellent grades graduate and end up
jobless,feeding themselves with the sight of a well designed A-4 paper
with the word ‘‘distinction’’ written boldly across while those worse off in grades go on to create economic empires.

*Those who fervently serve God continue with their wonderful
fellowships in their graves while the dyed-in-wool spiritual
non-entities live so long that they even tell their skulduggery and
unwholesome escapades even to successive filial generations.

*Those who are  adorned with “plain Jane” attributes and  enjoy the warmth of handsome husbands,while the
untowardly-legged tout marry  the Agbani Daregos”.

*Those with the confidence of success after exams find failure as an
inevitable companion while those who kept praying in frightened
silence are awe-stricken with A’s..

* Those with the nicest,mildest,gentlest and most caring of hearts
suffer the most pungent of emotional discombobulations leaving scars
in their hearts.

*Those who are the true men of God spend decades in “huts” moralizing
members of their nuclear families while those who pray day and night
exalting materialism and edifying their pockets enjoy the pleasure of
an avalanche of members in virtuous edifices.

* Those considered “churchy” end up being called mummies in their
teens while the supposed workers of the old profession(freegivers) are
solemnized in “holy” matrimonies..

*Those deemed to be extremely beautiful ripen,fade off and begin to
beg for husbands by hook or crook while those who have physical
problems with beauty are blessed with a dozen fruits of the
womb,almost practising polyandry.

*Legal practitioners,law enforcement agents meant to fight injustice
and corruption have their hearts schooled in injustice..

ARE THESE ALL NOT IRONICAL? How pitiable!! This actually is life!! Certain things happen we can’t explain how incongruous they are. Sometimes ironies are a date with destinies-a product of one’s fate.
Other times,a repercussion. Those who live in virtuous edifices must refrain from catapulting perilous projectiles because as provided in GAL 6:7,it will definitely boomerang..

Only GOD  solves the riddles of life..do good,live ur life to the fullest of its potentials and fight for your dreams..

                                                                                         Written By DESTINY OSAYI aka Mr. Possible

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