This post is the musings of a guest writer who calls himself an Esquire even when he is infact, not one. It is an attempt to harangue on the mentality which beffudles many a churchgoer when paying his’ offerings and tithes dutifully. The story is written by Cosmos Harmony Nayaba.



There are a lot of things I’d love to correct opprobrious impressions on. One of which is the issue of church funds – tithes, vows, offering and the likes.

Personally, I believe this is how things are done (and I might be wrong). Church offerings, vows and tithes made IN and TO the church are meant to be used primarily for the furtherance of the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and this includes construction of church buildings, acquisition of means of transportation (for evangelical purposes) and the payment of the salaries of pastors (for those that get paid – I really do not know much about this).

Now, some of us are of the notion that Pastors (sadly a vast majority of the wealthy ones) have made their fortune out of the offerings and donations. I’m not here to plead their case, no. But; I like to believe that this accumulated riches comes from members who out of their discretion have deemed it fit to sow “seeds” into the life their spiritual fathers (I choose to believe the concept of “seeds” is well understood).

I’m not exactly surprised that people could actually think up such. The trending “Rich Pastor – Poor Congregation” is to blame. And then, we’re all humans and we know how we act and react when it comes down to money issues. But I do however believe that is why we have church council comprising of Elders, Church Secretaries and the likes. I imagine a situation where such is absent. Folks would go “Na so we see am o. Only him na pastor, na secretary. How e nor go spend our money as e like?” Well, we have a church council. Unless of course, the accusations rubs on the council too.

Now, there’s a part of this issue I would like to just mention but not talk about. And that is the establishment of church universities (some would say built with church offering) that a vast majority of the members who contributed offerings and vows to this end cannot afford the fees of these universities when established.
Conclusively, your offering is not your tax that you do a “follow up” on. And of the many things that are certain, it is neither in your place nor mine to judge these pastors or anyone at that. If you are so knowledgeable to know the way our churches are being run in our day is not in accordance with what the bible says, you should also know that you were never made a judge. On that Day of Judgment, I’m quite sure God will not call you and ask for your opinion on how you think the Pastor ran the affairs of the church. “To Each Mallam, His Kettle”.
Other than bothering yourself with such issues, you should rather focus on what is important and that is making heaven on that final day.

I pray the Lord help us all in our daily lives.
And that we may never lose sight of what is right.
Stay Strong in the Faith.
God Bless.



7 thoughts on “OFFERING VS THE WORD

  1. Thank you oooooo…..please, help us tell them. God will truly not ask of your opinion. You can't even get true value for your tithe,seed or offering if you are keeping tabs on it. If e too pain you kindly join the church committee in charge of money so that your mind will be at peace.
    Wonderful piece o jare


  2. I think followers have a point to ask what their donations is being used for. Without accountability institutions always run the risk of internal corruption. This is what we see on a state level, why would we want to encourage it in religion? And if the leaders of these churches can't live by example then should people even be patronizing them? Surely God will hear your prayers from your room? I am not a religious person, but this is my opinion.


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