I Do

With a saddening smile I wake to view her face,
Expressionless, stale yet beautiful, filled with grace
Lips made for laughter but now filled with scorn I do watch, I believe it’s just a phase
It has to be,
A fleeting phase to bring forth the calculated beauty
A transitory phase meant to saturate all the melancholy in the world  .  .  .  .  .  .  . . .   Crystallize it to apt anticipated glory
But how long am I supposed to wait?
Her downhearted nature sinks the most jovial of hearts
To the deepest reaches of desperation, desolation, distaste and wrenches them apart.                        
I do love her, or so I believe
Even though that love may not be enough
Enough to save her
I do love her.

I take my time to glare at this woman, examining, smiling, filled with belittled joy
The sight of her exhilarating, frightening, yet comforting, confusing and coy
She’s what everyone dreams of
She is what anyone dreams of
She possesses it all, the charms, the acumen, the fervour,
She has entirely things that make men tremble and seek for favour
She kills herself from within
Poisoning her soul with derogatory actions which to her now are kin
Heeding to words that defame, rape, bludgeon her consciousness to stupor
And murder her self-esteem.
Oh… She is indeed beautiful…
But I do not think she knows it…or perhaps she does  
Her actions, reactions, affirmations and poise suggests she possesses such information,                      
She carries herself gracefully in the midst of her peers and folks who regard her with much awe
But deep down, however, all these are just a ploy
A ploy to make others think she matters,
A ploy to find, chase, gain the love of others
In doing this, she forgets the one who truly loves her, I love her
Yes, I do love her.
I love her in the presence of her flaws, insecurities and everything noxious
I love all
I have decided to bear the burden of showing her how gorgeous she really is
Of telling her, informing her, convincing her of how magnificent she is outside and in,
She is powerful, a roaring typhoon, a raging bull which can dissimilate all who causes her grievance,
But she is meek too, with akind-heart, fair and noble, married with lenience
She is dominant, a ruler, a ferocious warrior, and a queen befit arrogance.
She is Regina
She is divine.
She is Nigeria.
And I do love her.
Tami Koroye


5 thoughts on “I Do

  1. She's simply complicated!

    Lots of flaws she has, yes (the same way Sandra, Vivian, Cynthia and all her peers do), but we love her anyway. We'll love her more, if she stops her voyage of self-destruction.



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