For seven years, she dominated the Nigerian Blogosphere, feeding the bulk of the Nigerian savvy-tech society with instant updates from celebrities around the world and latest gist and happenstances around the country. She appraised us with the petty squabbles celebrities involved themselves with. She was the first to inform us of what that particular hotshot male celebrity wore to that dinner. For seven good years, she did these, and many more.
For seven years, she managed to inform us of political rallies and political promises which are never meant to be fulfilled. She made it a point of duty to inundate Nigerians with political accidents and politically motivated killings. She was as reliable as a television news broadcast in such matters. In fact, any story found online about a celebrity could be said to have originated from her blog.
She posted other peoples’ stories, people posted hers, Permission was an implied irrelevancy. Her stories were always short and straight to the point, almost as if she never had the time to sit down to pen a proper news item. But Nigerians forgave her brevity and overlooked it because they always got what they needed: gist. Her works were sometimes riddled with grammatical inconsistencies, and her fans took their time to lovingly point it out.
For seven years, hers’ was the most widely read blog in Nigeria, with the most comment on each story. She sometimes averaged 200 comments per story, and some comments did run into thousands. The comment section of her blog offered most Nigerians the opportunity to display the limits of their irrationality, and unwillingness to apply wisdom in simple cases. Reading the comment section of her blog was tantamount to watching a stand-up comedy show. And this was one of the major selling point of her blog. She took care to verify each comment before it becomes visible on her blog, which creates the impression that she actually reads each comment before posting. But the smart ones will know that she hardly does. Time is a luxury so inconsistent with a celebrity.
For seven years, she made serious money from blogging. So serious that it could buy her the latest designer shoes and latest cars. She took great care to display these newly acquired wealth on her blog, with the latest being a 2014 Edition Range Rover (if I am not mistaken). She took pride in narrating how God raised her from grass to grace, and how her hustle was blessed with immense success.
And for seven years, she made her millions through blogging with a free blog domain. When she could had so cheaply purchased her own site. I remember wondering how a blog as big as hers’ could still be using BlogSpot. With all the millions of Naira she purportedly earned. Now, she could afford a Range Rover from the proceeds of her hustle, but she couldn’t afford to host her own domain? She confessed just this week that she doesn’t know much about Internet Technology (IT) and the exigencies of the internet. But can it be said that she couldn’t afford an IT expert, even if only a part-time basis to put her through the modalities of the internet. No, she preferred to enjoy the status of being Nigeria’s No 1 Blogger on a free site.
Good things do not last forever, and through to this syndrome, several “badbelles’ from her village seem to have sworn an oath to put her end to her unprecedented successes in the blogsphere.  With just the simple tactic of “divide and rule”, they have managed to destabilise the major source of income of our major gist provider.  Now, who these bad-belles are, is a question which only she herself can best answer. She claims that it is one jealous MrAyeDee on Twitter who is behind her tale of woes. She is a Nigerian, and Nigerians are known to be irrationally jealous at times. So can it not then be postulated that as a reasonable woman, she ought to had foreseen the possibility of this unfortunate event occurring?
When Netherlands defeated Spain 5 goals to 1 in the Group stage of the 2014 Brazil World Cup, all the tabloids screamed that it was the end of an era. The end of 5 years of the Tiki-Taka Monopoly. With the same analogy I prefer to term this unfortunate saga as the end of the LIB Dynasty which has dominated Nigeria for 7 good years.
Everything happens for a reason, and in Nigeria especially, there is a motivating factor behind every reason. I have already obtained a front row seat to watch the ensuing drama which has befallen this calamitous lady.
Free things do not last forever, but it is good to enjoy the free thing while it lasts.


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