Exactly a year ago, I posted If We Don’t Pray For Nigeria, Who Will?
I remember we celebrated Independence Day last year amidst ASUU strike and other pestilences which were plaguing Nigeria. To many persons, there was really no need for celebration, as there was very little to celebrate about. Even our President accepted this obvious fact when he ordered that the Independence Day Celebrations last year would be low key. However, plans were already being made for this years’ celebrations, as the year 2014 purportedly marks a hundred years of the existence of the political entity called Nigeria.

Indeed, fifty-four years ago, Queen Elizabeth II (what is her surname sef?) handed over the administration of Nigeria to Nigerians, to be managed by Nigerians and for the benefit of Nigerians. After years of toiling, agitating, begging, and demanding, Nigerians were finally able to have ultimate control of things which concern them. This day fifty-four years ago, Nigerians were celebrating on the streets and dancing in their homes (I was of course smiling at them from heaven).
Khakistocracy, corruption, nepotism, God-fatherism, ethnicity, insurgency, kidnappings, economic oppressions, spiritual negligence, moral latitude, sexual misdemeanours, and the likes were conspicuously missing from the vocabulary of an average Nigerian.
The words we had in our vocabulary were patriotism, nationalism, one Nigeria, chauvinism, jingoism, autonomy, xenophobia, unity, harmony, accord, etc. But just fifty-four years after, we seem to have forgotten all these lofty concepts.

There were indeed several national catastrophes which befell the nation this year. But the rain which falls on the evil man is the same rain which falls on the righteous. Only God can provide an answer to the little and great mishaps which occurred this year. But it is not in our place to question the Almighty.

As the Good Book says, in all things, give thanks! The very fact that you are alive to read this post, and that you have a country which you can (proudly) call your own is sufficient to prima facie be a cause for celebration. There are many displaced persons in the Middle East who do not have a place of abode, not to talk of a country to call their own. Come to think of it, our national defence policy may be shaky, but it has still managed to repel aggression from all external forces (both para-military and spiritual).

This year alone, Nigeria managed to curtail the spread of the deadly killer disease which has stigmatised other West African countries. We were able to do this in a little less than four months! In fact, the World Health Organisation (WHO) admitted that Nigeria’s response to the Ebola threat was very swift, which is one of the primary reasons why we can still move about in our daily activities.

We also recorded national prowess in international sporting competitions this year. We won several educational and intellectual international trophies this year. Our artistes and comedians conquered new grounds this year…

In all things, give thanks.
For me and the Legal Watchmen Team, we are greatly appreciative to God for fifty-four years of national harmony.

Ramblings of a Patriot. 


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