‘…And the disciples were named Christians after Christ’. This statement can be located in the book of Acts 11:26 of the highly appraised holy book, the bible. What this inherently implies is that the early Christians being addressed displayed the overt and express characteristics used in association with the heavenly being named Jesus Christ. He was holy, so therefore it can be inferred that these associates of his were holy too. This is very much applicable to all the moral characteristics he, and by that I mean Jesus Christ, portrayed in his proposed phenomenal stay here in planet earth. As Christians, if my rusty knowledge of the bible would avail me, we have the sole prerogative of not only spreading the word to the far ends of the earth, but also that of portraying these attributes displayed by Christ and the early Christians, no matter the state of affairs in our environs.
             It is a well-established datum that humans, if given the opportunity, would cause anarchy and chaos on a mountainous scale, so therefore man is steered through his day to day goings by set of rules or laws with a selected few individuals who enforce these laid down laws. However, in the Christian circle, prevention is uttermost, due to the inscribed repercussions stated in the bible, and therefore guidance is deemed necessary. Who then gives this guidance? The foremost and popular answer would be the sect of individuals referred to as either as pastors, reverends, bishops or simply, teachers. It is believed by the Christian community, and to narrow it down, Nigeria, that this sect of persons are infallible, they are almost not capable of any sinful fault. Most Christians look at the lives of these persons, most particularly if they’re famous, and try to imitate them as much as humanly possible. That’s what it means to be a Christian right? To have a live style which most would find admirable, and emulate, to draw them closer to God and his majestic dwelling abode. That was exactly what the early Christians demonstrated, intardem with miracles, and won so many over to their belief.
             The early Christians, who were judiciously followed and kept on following Christ even in his absence, displayed lots of features which are lacking in the altitudinal makeup of our present teachers, who have taken up the mantle of guiding the flock to the holy steps of heaven, due to the fact that they’ve spent years studying the words and works of Christ, or they are been led by the holy spirit, the latter seems to be the account in vogue as at present. The Disciples of Christ were holy and contrite, humble and steadfast, caring but yet fearless. They made sure they were not influenced by the misgivings of the world. They tried their finest to emulate the workings of Christ, and they succeeded, as we are living testimonies. However, same cannot be alleged about our present ‘teachers’, as they are been noted to deviate from the preaching of the bible, and create their own ideologies which tends to suit their life styles. Yet, most people would try to act like these men, try to talk like them, try to be them, forgetting that these ‘teachers’ are to display the attributes of Christ and Christ singularly, not themselves. If, for instance, a teacher develops the taste to always garb on finely tailored suits, in an attempt to distinguish himself from the congregation, which I must add wasn’t done so during the times of the early church, it would not be shocking to see members of that flock contending with themselves on whose suit is finely tailored resembling the teacher’s. Some may even go as far as consulting the tailor of the preacher. They tend to forget that in the early church, the disciples were living in stark humility.
               Preachers are inclined to voice to their congregation that they if they view upon them, they’ve seen Jesus, yet they do omit, purposely at times, the traits that painted the saviour as the meekest person in the earth. Preachers of this era seem to be of the proud ilk, contrary to prescriptions given by the bible, as they brag about who they healed, how they prayed for a certain politician who won the post he wanted, how they own a fleet of cars, how their lives changed the instant Christ called them, all these meant to fuel the congregation into an offering submitting frenzy. This in comparison with the early church displays that the preachers have wandered stray from the paradigm of selflessness portrayed by the early church. How can you explain the fact that some preachers in Nigeria own two private jets which cause a fortune, yet members of their congregation cannot even afford to pay their children’s school fees? ‘ if they ask the preachers, they’d give’ some persons might say, true, but the money used in purchasing a private jet could be used to completely improve the standard of living of, if not three, at least two orphanage homes. This action would actually signify that these preachers are conforming to the examples laid down by preceding disciples who devoted themselves to selfless services for humanity. Although that may not be the core reason why these preachers intimate themselves with these earthly possessions, but to the general ‘active reasoning’ individuals, this displays that these preachers have lost sight of where they are coming from, and where they are headed.
             From my simple observation, I’ve noticed that pride, vanity, jealously and lust has crept into the minds of these preachers whose lives are to be some form of exemplar for us, the commonalities in Christendom. These men who should portray the live style of Jesus Christ go about suing themselves for missing funds, filing for divorce because of infidelity, gaining mansions while brain washing the proletarians into absurd doctrines which profit only themselves. The guides cannot, no longer, guide themselves. They are lost, the lot of them, although they put up this façade of being heavenly warrantied. Yet, most Nigerians imitate these fallible men to their last breath. If the guides have lost their way, where then are we? This is one of the preeminent reasons why chaos rears her ugly head in the ‘body of Christ’. What then should be done? Simple…we should, and by we, I mean everyone, preacher and congregation all together, revisit our roots which happen to be enshrined in the holy book. We should read the book again with an open mind, like a child’s filled with awe and wonder, and assimilate all what the bible is intended to teach. The guides should first off realise that they are lost, and try to revere back to the beginning, once again, and set the example expected of them.


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