The number 100 certainly has its unique attributes, just like any other number. For to attain the revered age of 100 years on this planet is something that even heavenly angels celebrate. However hated a man might be, even the worst of his enemies would have their hearts in their mouths when called to rejoice with him. Savvy popularity and immense fame are most of the added-ons to anybody who attains the age of 100. At attaining 100 years of existence as one indivisible country, gallant, patriotic and affectionate responses flew in from all nooks and crannies of Nigeria. Unpretentious jubilations greeted the nationwide celebrations. People implored on every known congratulatory exhibition to acknowledge Nigeria forthwith.

In the same vein, on attaining the very important milestone of 100 posts in our blogging history (a little more than a year), The Legal Watchmen would like to, in a state of unreserved ecstasy and wildest excitement, appreciate our very faithful readers and ardent followers.

This particular post marks our Centenary Post Celebration, and in a patriotic sensation of nationalism, we feel predisposed to dole out awards and centenary presidential handshakes to all our readers, subscribers and followers who have stuck with us since Day One. It will indeed be impossible to mention the names of all who are worthy of being mentioned, so we crave your indulgence by overseeing any oversight on our part.

There would be no Legal Watchmen without writers. There would be no blog without authors. To this end, the unflinching support of all the members of this team: Nkechukwu Andrea Otiki-Odibi, Arikor Collins Ogonnaya, Davidson Obabueki, Ese Palmer, Tami Koroye, Uche Odigili, and Miss Khosy Enumah are highly appreciated. My prayer is that nothing shall make us relent in our personal sacrifices towards making this group blog a success.

To every other person who has at one time or the other written for us, including the rapacious Femi Fani Kayode SAN, Akin-Deko Oluwabunmi Mercy, Praisegod Omoregie, Precious Aburime,Tobe Osigwe, and Godwin Ogbu, our gratitude knows no bound. We pray that God increases and rewards your writing skills.

To the members of the Faculty of Law, University of Benin, especially those who have chosen to stay invisible on the blogosphere, we cannot astutely convey our earnest gratitude for the impalpable support given us thus far. We specially thank you for not commenting on our articles. We wish to remind you that a day of reckoning is coming.
We also wish to appreciate members of the Faculty of Law around the country, especially  Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, as well as the Christian Law Students Fellowship of Nigeria, CLASFON  for the support they have given so far.

It would be highly irresponsible of us to refuse to appreciate some very wonderful people who have been very staunch pillars of support. Amongst these are the literary giant Walter Uche Ude, who blogs at My Mind Snaps. I can unequivocally state that Walter is one who is set to take over the pen from Chinua Achebe. He has constantly helped us out with successful philosophies. We also wish to use this medium to congratulate him on the latest writing contract which he just clicked with Farafina Prints. We indeed look forward to seeing your works in print.

Also on our list are the likes of Isaac Ola (@newnaija); Isaac Sogo; Poshkid Akinwale Akinyoade, Tope Rants, Tosin Tweets, Funke Oguntuga, Chiedozie (@dk_stan), Mike Dami (@damstylee), Yougeecash (@ogewrites), Zaphnath Paneah (@zaphnath_paneah), @Sirrvictor, @ifediorachy, Susan Obasi, and many other wonderful bloggers who have kept the torch burning for us. Please kindly visit my TL for your presidential handshake.

It would amount to an outright illegality on our part to refuse to acknowledge the efforts of two very special people who have made it a duty to read and comment upon every single post we have put up so far. Infact, I need to sanitise my hand with salted warm water before dolling out Presidential handshakes to these two wonderful ladies: Ivereniter Tserger, and Egbosimba Ruth. we greatly appreciate your labour of love and encouragement.

Also occupying a chairmanship position on our list is Sir Adedumade Esq. of Legal Naija. We wish to specially thank you for your efforts so far, both in using your blog as a platform for launching legal awareness programs, and the support given us thus far.
The entire team of Stand to End Rape Initiative, including the beautiful Miss. Ayodeji Osowobi, Abimbola Abiola, and Abdul Habiba. We indeed recognise your efforts at curbing the rising tide of rape in this country, and also the support lent this team so far.

We also wish to thank Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com@SirFIZZ of Fake Naija News, and Elsie Godwin of elsieisy.com for their support and referals.
We cannot but single out Emmanuel Odia, Vice-President of Junior Chambers International (JCI) UNIBEN Branch to convey our appreciation for his constant advice and support. He has proved to be more than a friend to the individual members of the team.

The likes of Honourables Prince Freeman Ameh,  Olubunmi Ayantunji, Osayuki Agbonghae King, Nosayaba Douglas and Ugochukwu Victor Okeleke, and other astute upcoming politicians who have not failed to use every available opportunity to wash, dry, and iron every single member of the Legal Watchmen are also recognised. A day of reckoning is coming when we will reciprocate with apposite washy-ing.
We also wish to appreciate the patience of all our bbm and Whatsapp contacts for enduring our numerous broadcast messages. To those that took out the time to actually click the link, we are grateful. To the others who don’t bother to read, we say God is watching you.
Our Facebook friends Google+, Instagram, and Twitter Followers are also applauded for mustering the courage to read the overflowing links we send without yielding to the temptation to block or spam us. We accept our guilt in tweeting stories at ‘unknown’ persons, but the blood that unites all Nigerians as brothers and sisters, has washed our guilt away.

Also, others like  Miss Onyinye Odita, who had the nerves to friendzone and brother-zone this  writer, and Nayaba Cosmos Harmony, who has it as his personal mission in life to
agitate and perturb this writer in every possible way, I thank you very much. The Hand of God is still very much active in my life.

Arikor Collins specially wishes to acknowledge the likes of Enwezor Nonye Comfort whose negative criticsm spurred Arikor Collins to continue writing and Nwaneti Chigozie who always criticised his articles in the most jovial manners possible. Ogochukwu Iguomu, Victoria Nkechi, Imiosieme Khadeejah, Annabel Oghosa and a host of other girlfriends for introducing a touch of humanity into his somewhat stiff writings.. He isn’t forgetting to include his negative commentators and haters for all the love and hate they have shown him so far.

We are eternally grateful to our families and personal friends, for putting up with our constant disturbances, buying us recharge cards, reminding us to eat and sleep, and taking the time to scroll through a few pages. We are nothing without you, because  you made us what we are.

Finally, this post cannot be complete if we do not recognize the most important person: you, who is silently reading this, trying not to laugh, and trying not to comment. But you can at least blush, because this world is inchoate without you.

Hopefully, the reason why you all have stuck to the Legal Watchmen thus far will never be extinguished, but will rather wax stronger each day. Without pretending to hide our imperfections, we hope we have achieved your earnest yearnings by our numerous articles and we hope to do more, of course with your unalloyed support.

Thank you all. Daalu nu. Nagode. Eshe.

Yours Faithfully,
Nonso Anyasi (@oluwanonso_esq).

Cc: Arikor Collins Ogonnaya (@CollinsOgo)
Nky Otike-Odibi (@Nky_Otk)
Essay Palmer (@essaypalmer)
Tami Koroye (@Tami_Koroye)
Uche Odigili (@Peters_Sage)
Davidson Obabueki.
Khosy Enumah.

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