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Many a time, people make statements inferring ‘how fortunate they are’. Words like ‘na God o’ or ‘na goodluck and patience ’ ‘na my time be this o’ ‘who go make am go make am’, are not uncommon among people in our locality. However, can it be truly said that luck is a valid answer for success?
 In truth, fortune favors the prepared, not necessarily because everybody deserves to enjoy some form of success but because in one way or the other, preparation which is based on hard work ensues in the unleashing of potentials. While in my primary school, my school motto was ‘hard work is success’ the message it brought was that hard work automatically begets success, however true this statement might be, critics could argue and present examples of hardworking men who died as paupers.
 Still, it must be asked, who today can boldly say that he/she made a legitimate wealth by just sipping beer in his parlor without one form of stress and burnout, or delivered a bouncing baby by just browsing OLX without the difficulty of labor, or maybe gave an awe-inspiring  speech or wrote a ground-breaking literary work after idly sunbathing in the car park without intense hours of research, or soared in his or her exams by simply exercising faith in Jesus without intense sessions of deep study and personal discipline?
   Furthermore,  in any area of life, be it dancing, music, education, spiritual matters, finance, family wellness, character change and even marriage, to some of these eastern or northern women, especially the Fulani breeds(LOL), if success is required, it must be gotten through the strains of sheer hard work. For example, the top richest musicians In America ‘kanye West, Michael Jackson (deceased) were noted by Kings M agazine,USA to expend the longest hours on stage setting and preparations (most probably in a bid to ensure perfection), according to  ESPN sports a documentary on Christino Ronaldo (top international footballer) shows that he attempts about 500 push-ups among other strenuous exercises per day to keep fit.
   Nevertheless, it must be accepted that luck sometimes shows up on ones table. It could be true that some can be successful overnight; still, it must be established that hard work plus favor from the Almighty enables one to maintain a good stance in any area of life he finds himself, YES, hard work maintains success. To the writer, the idea of Luck is a lazy man’s philosophy, an unscrupulous belief solely based on an unexplained twist in events impliedly causing an imbalance in prosperity allocation. To the writer, hard work alongside favor from the Almighty equals undeniable success.

    In truth the only exception to hard work as linked to financial success is the rule of inheritance, most times sons and daughters of established chiefs, kings, and wealthy men can enjoy financial successes not because they deserve them but based on the exceptional rule of inheritance and yet still, not all of these ones continue the success in the dynasty by virtue of the lack of preparation which ideally involves hard work.

  Many youths today do not consider the blessings from hard work; many believe the shortcut to success seems to be the sleekest way. What about you?

Written by Ese Palmer (@essaypalmer)



  1. Hardwork is a vital path to success, opportunities sometimes disguise as hard work. I still do believe luck, destiny and faith plays its on different roles.
    Life is all about a little bit of everything


  2. You are totally right bro. No matter how much a mans measure of luck no it cannot in itself constitute such a man into a sucess. Oscar wilde though a frolicker was heavnly gifted with a flair for poetry, he however would have ended up with just as much gift and nothing to show for it if he had not taken pains to put his talent to use. It would however be of good note that the measure of a mans fourtune is not directly propotionate to his hardwork. If so, ronaldo should have 4 ballon de ors instead, since he obviously works way harder than Messi. Yes, fourtune is indeed baised sometimes. Good write Bro. Loved it.


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