First of, I’d like to start by saying the ramblings you’re about to digest were not forged in the dark odious mind of an atheist, rather in the mind of an inquisitive, practical individual who believes the world is more than what it’s painted to be. However, I’d overtly apologize if some individuals find this inappropriate, insulting or demeaning. It wasn’t my intent. But nevertheless, I will say what’s on my mind.
As indicated above, I’m going to converse on truth and belief, and try my possible best to draw a margin between them. First of, truth to me means the quality of something being true, while belief can be said to mean the feeling of being certain something is true or exists.
In other words, where truth is absolutely true, belief on the other hand is just a mere feeling that something is purportedly true. All dogs bark, that’s the universal truth as it applies to all the dogs in this biosphere. But when I insist that my dog is of the repute of not only barking, but talking likewise, then that is my belief, not the truth. It is expedient for me to include that Belief, with luck and chance, can be the truth. Why am I taking my time to draw an analogy between these two items? it is because people in this module of this great big floating blue ball tend to mingle these two uncontrollably, and it most times causes calamitous bites on the society as a whole.

What am I talking about? Simple, Nigerians and their misguided sense of religion. I was, in relation to the recent and current encroach of the virus known as Ebola into our great but dosser nation Nigeria, having a cushy discussion with someone until he uttered this statement, ”a true believer of Jesus Christ cannot die from Ebola”. This caused me to pause, as I pondered on what he meant. I initially thought he was referring to the ever constant ‘resurrection’ Christians preach about. however, I did ask what he meant, for clarification ofcourse, and he explained that Jesus Christ, in his documented life mind you, never got ill once, and the spirit that imbedded in the savior was also present in him, so therefore he cannot contact Ebola and suffer the pain and horror the disease put most people through. I didn’t say anything then, because everyone is entitled to his or her own beliefs. If he believes that through faith in Jesus Christ he will not get contaminated by the virus, good for him.
Then he just had to cross the Rubicon by insisting that if the virus comes in contact with him, the virus will wither and die off, rather than he himself. This provoked my innermost being, and the first word that popped up in my head was “delusion”. How, in the heavens, can a graduate say such a thing? Ultimately, I expressed my views, and he started rendering bible verses like I was somewhat a demon who sprung from hell, careening and spreading the Ebola virus in Africa. I kept quiet, and when he was done with his rendition, I simply asked “so all those that have died from Ebola, none was a true believer of Christ?”
He didn’t answer, but he did rigmarole round the question, still insisting that a true believer never gets ill. He broadened his perspective, so I did likewise and asked “so all those who have died from one ailment or the other, ever since the inception of the death of Christ, none of them have been true believers?” He didn’t answer once more. I then knew he was lost to sense. Sadly, majority of the populace share this same radical belief. Most Christians tend to believe in the prowess of Christ most of the time when faced with one disheartening situation or the other and ignore any back door leading and pleading to reason. Students who label themselves as Christians spend more brain power “cabashing”, and forget that the foremost reason they were set to school was to study to improve themselves, not only as individuals, but as a group. I have actually encountered students who claim education is vanity, that all required in this life is to serve God, die and bask in his eternal presence. They claim that nothing in this life really matters except their relationship with God. Although most pious individuals who share the same belief would applaud such a notion, the truth will surely remain that a lot of things matter in this earth, apart from religion. A LOT. God himself gave man the sole prerogative of going into the earth to replenish and subdue it, and in contradiction to what most deluded Nigerian youths believe, education Is one of the many ways, if not foremost, to subdue the earth.
I do not want to deviate from my genesis, so pardon me if I do not thoroughly expatiate on this issue. Revering back to my first example, picture this individual who knows the scourge Ebola is rampant but believes he cannot come down with the virus, goes around laying hands on the infected in a bid to cleanse them, but subsequently contracts the virus and spreads it in his contact with people in his immediate environ. Isn’t that just arrant stupidity? Yes, some of the readers of this article will immediately try to refer me to the great miracle worker John G Lake who was purported to heal people suffering from Ebola in Africa. I will not dispute this, as I do not know the truth of it, but I did make my own little research and found out that six months after Lake arrived in Africa, his wife died, and he too, years later due to a stroke, which, ironically, although is also an ailment, was not so debilitating compared to Ebola.
The belief that Christians cannot befall any illness is what it is, belief, as intandem with faith, not the truth. The truth is once a person comes in contact with any bodily fluid of an Ebola infected individual, he immediately shares similar fate, full stop.
 We as religious beings should possess the cognition to tell between faith and actuality, truth and belief, or else we would be stuck in a revolving cycle of stupidity and ignorance, forever making mistakes and falling short to standards. Have we even, for a fleeting moment, considered if we are putting our faith on the wrong thing, as it is more than possible to believe in a substance that is none existent. Isn’t that how we tag idolaters? Contrary to beliefs of bigots, having such thoughts does not signify that you don’t believe in God, rather it shows that we are exercising the cognitive organ he shove into our individual bodies .Your faith can heal you, true, but also put into consideration that there are millions of dead people who had faith and it failed them, woefully. The bible, if I remember correctly, said “in everything you do, use wisdom”. This should be applied by most Nigerians who believe just because they have faith they can do the impossible and move mountains.

Let it be noted that in no recorded account has a man’s faith conveyed a mountain from one destination to another. When I was still in secondary school, a preacher approached me and said if I have faith, I could get a million naira in my account the next day. What the hell is that? At that age I didn’t even own an account. If I had being a gullible young man, like most Nigerians are, that sermon would forever implant in me the notion that whatever I seek or desire I only need have faith in Jesus Christ and I will attain it. What is this if not outright delusion?

With a final note, ill endeavor the diligent readers of this blog to make enquiries on the story on the sons of Skipper in the bible. They had faith based on a cause they believed true, look out how that turned out for them…


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