The entire Crew of the LW wishes to apologise for the little hiatus which this blog underwent.
We are back now, bigger, better and stronger. We also wish to thank our viewers and readers who have been sticking with us till date. We promise not to disappoint.
Now, for today’s article, the writer is a strong believer in the women-folk, and is fed up with their psychological inclinations. Hence, no attempt should be made to treat this as the work of a bigot.


The initial title for this write up is WHAT THE HELLIS WRONG WITH THE WOMEN FOLK?
Women have a history of relegating themselves to the side-lines,
And being content with nothing more than an observatory role.
Since the creation of Adam in the Bible,
Women seem to occupy the second position to man.
They seem to hardly take the initiative, refuse to break bounds.
They console themselves with the maxim that
But why do they have to wait for a man to do it first?
What is preventing them from taking the first step in this game of life?
In elective positions in organizational hierarchy
Especially in schools and businesses
The post of the VICE PRESIDENT is automatically reserved for a woman.
While the big posts of PRESIDENCY and SECRETARY GENERAL are reserved for men.
It is very unheard of to see women contesting for such “competitive” posts.
And the women-folk seem totally content with this.
Even in churches, and mosques.
The Pastor is always right! The Imam has spoken!
Women hardly hold ministerial positions by virtue of their qualified status quo.
The female pastors are so by virtue of being the pastor’s wife.
Hence, their “pastoral” position is dependent on that of the male folk.
The situation is not different in mosques.
Of course, we have women in this country who have made a name for themselves.
I am not talking about First Ladies or Gbagaun Ladies.
I mean women, who dared do what no man has done.
Women like the ex-NAFDAC boss and former World Bank Madam.
We also have the likes of Madam #BringBackOurGirls
And other women out there reading this post.
But the problem is, and will continue to be:
Only a minute number of the multitudinous females on this earth
Task themselves to better men in their dealings in life.
Many will read this post, and say to themselves:
What can I do? What can a woman do? I am but a woman.
These are mere excuses.
Nothing more than a fragmentation of the imagination.
I challenge the women out there to a duel
I challenge them to a battle to prove themselves
I challenge them to challenge themselves.
I want every lady, woman or girl reading this post
To take a seat, and ask herself:
I am oluwanonso_esq on Twitter.

11 thoughts on “RAMBLINGS OF A BELIEVER.

  1. In their defense, when women fight to break bounds and do first before the man, the world shuts them down and mocks them and throw the maxim 'It is a Man's World' in their faces. Is it any wonder many scoff at the idea of feminism…


  2. #B.I.T.C.H It's a vicious stereotype and I don't buy it. Our culture, men, n even.society at large however place embargoes on this forward movement making it difficult to forge on but eventually, with the right things (money,intelligence, wit, charisma, zeal and strength) a woman like me can and will eventually top it. Lol. First female 9ja president. @valerieayo


  3. Ur write-up is really inspiring bt tell me, apart from this, what else have u achieved as a woman. I mean the impact u'v made or positions u'v attained as a woman? That way,i'l look up to u as a model if non, my husband remains my glory jst as d bible made it to be.


  4. Thank you very much. This pretty much tops the struggles we face.
    Moreover, the men can't seem to stomach the fact that we are something more than beings brought about to stroke their Ego to greater heights.
    But at the same time, the light the end of the tunnel is growing brighter, the knots are loosening, we will get there. We just need to change the entire orientation we as females are born to inherit


  5. I think that's what most females akin themselves to say. The drive to orientate should begin with any woman that reads or stumble upon this article.


  6. Great write up. Equal opportunities means just that. This is a wake up call. Ladies please stop running for second place when it is about issues that are non biological. That's where the difference ends: biology.


  7. Thanks Walter, for that wonderful defence! So, Anyasi, Walter said it all, so I don’t have to repeat it…
    Thanks for sharing this piec, it’s an eye opener…


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