This is an ‘article-cum-poem‘ written by a colleague of mine. I fell in love with it because it seeks to correct a prevailing albeit erroneous belief in Nigerian reasoning faculty.

We are lawyers……….
They say we are liars.
Let’s judge this issue with wisdom, and logic of course.
If we bring logical reasoning into an issue with the aim of acquitting a person, is that, lying?
If yes,
That makes the lecturer who adds 2 points to give a student an A, a what?
Ha, they call it benevolence, sure but still say we are lying.
What about the cashier who gives a receipt of N1000 when you pay N950 and tells you to bring the balance the next day?
What is that called, kindness?
Oh, but of course, lawyers are liars and even if a few of us do lie;
Does that make all of us liars?
If the answer is yes, then
All accountants are thieves
All doctors are murderers
All Bankers are fraudsters
All Engineers use fake materials
All Pharmaceutical companies make fake drugs
All Journalists are liars
All Receptionists, Sales Clerks, male and female are prostitutes
All musicians are drug addicts.
Quod Erat Demonstrandum.



6 thoughts on “LAWYERS, NOT LIARS!

  1. Frantically tired of explaining this point myself. Once u say ur a lawyer, it's like telling the next party to put their lie guard on. Like we learn Lie 302 at some point in school. Heheh.. nice


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