But death, ye be no respecter of circumstance of person
          And your actions, you perform without regards to understanding

You serve as cape to further the fuel of the mysteries of the diabolic
Balance to check the superiority of the highest medics
And incontestable fact beyond and without burden of proof
that any judicial line could testify.

        But death, little do you know that silence itself is a supreme answer to every question
And the sovereign solemnity of eternal quietness
Is more a confusing mystery than death itself
         A mystery to those who acquire it.

And being humans that we are,
Silence we know can only relate to negativity
Unrolling rivers of tears and deep hearts full of grief

            The mistake you make death, unknown to you is that
             You put the good ones to rest
             Censor silence on the wicked and
             Storm up confusion in the hearts of the living wicked

Death, ye be no respecter of circumstance of person
And even at that, the swift and unthinkable ways you perform
Depict that ye be the least of the wisest of unnatural emotions.


              By  AKIN-DEKO OLUWABUNMI.


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