He was 19 years old.
He was in 400 level.
He had been the Class representative since 100 level.
He was very brainy, and very handsome.
His name was Caesar Austus Ekeoba.
He just returned from Washington DC for the Jessup Moot Cup Competition.
He went to represent Nigeria.
He did well there.
This was not the first time he had represented Nigeria in an international competition.
He was a veteran of the Faculty of Law Jural Court
He had represented the Faculty of Law in countless competitions.
The last time I saw him ,
Just after he returned from the US,
He was smiling, as always
You can never find him frowning.
Always friendly, ready to help anyone out.
Loved by all, despised by none
On his way to be a foremost politician
Ready to play the dirty game by the accepted rules.
The stage was his, already conquered
All that left was his ascension.
But alas! death came like the proverbial night thief 
Snatching our colleague and friend from us
Just after his return from America
Where he had done Nigeria proud
With a wealth of knowledge to bless the nation.
Had not death struck; we would probably be laughing by now,
Night class would be lively with Caesar greeting everyone,
The Faculty of Law would be a joyous place,
And UNIBEN would be a bastion of blessing;
Because Caesar lives!
We have lost a gem, a prophet of change
We have lost a politician, a man of the masses
We have lost a lawyer, a custodian of the law
We have lost a colleague, like no other
We have lost a friend, irreplaceable in our hearts.
The doctors say he died of Cerebral Abscess
But we all know he died as a result of man’s vileness.
A rabbit does not just run into a burning bush
Without something at its heels.
Whoever killed Caesar, shall have rest no more.
Until justice befitting is done to him.
Rest in Peace Caesar,
Till we meet again.


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